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Reversal of Misfortune is the third comic in the Charmed Comics Volume 4 series and the twenty first issue overall in the comic collection created by Paul Ruditis, published by Zenescope Entertainment.

Writing and Design[]

Cover By: David Seidman
Creator: Paul Ruditis
Writer: Paul Ruditis
Artist: Dean Kotz
Colorist: TBA
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Date of Release: April, 2012 (tentative date)

Quick Summary[]

With Magic School's doors no longer open, Knox Academy is one of the few places on Earth that can provide a safe haven for those in need. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must team with the staff to protect themselves and their friends from the government's modern day witch hunt that has deemed anyone like them to be the enemy.





  • David Seidman used his nephew for the inspiration behind the young boy on the cover.
  • The title comes from the saying "reversal of fortune".