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Former witch, ex-boyfriend of Charmed One Paige Matthews and ex-fiancé of Olivia Callaway, Richard Montana is the son of Benjamin and Rosaline Montana and brother of Steve Montana. At his request, Paige stripped him of his Wiccan powers in 2004, causing him to become mortal.

Quick Facts[]

Full Name: Richard Montana
Species: Mortal, Former Witch
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Spell Casting, Conjuration, Potion Making, Telekinesis, Teleportation (all removed once he had his powers stripped)
Portrayed By: Balthazar Getty

Meeting Paige Matthews[]

Wanting a normal job after being sent on temporary jobs that wound up being magical, Paige Matthews travelled to a temp agency where she requested a nice, quiet job, which ended up being taking care of an elderly woman, Grandma Callaway, Matriarch of the Callaway Family. When the two were playing pinochle, a plasma ball came bursting threw the window and hit Paige's shoulder. Wanting to investigate what happened, Paige returned to the Callaways' estate, there was no answer at the front gate and a man from across the street came to talk to her, it was Richard Montana.

He told her that she wasn't the first, others have come to try to help and that she should leave before she got hurt. He knew that she wasn't a Muse or a Whitelighter, but instead a witch, like him, his family and the Callaways. He informed her that ever since he was a kid various magical beings had come to try to help end the feud but they were never successful. He told her that the last truce was the longest though and then a plasma ball came from the fron window straight for Paige but he knocked her to the ground, falling with her, to avoid the ball.

Richard then brought Paige into his home where his father, Benjamin, demanded that he had her leave, thinking he was working with the Callaways. but Richard told her that she was going to stay. He made her an elixir and gave it to her, telling her it was a family recipe that would speed up the healing process for her wound. When Paige looked doubtful, Richard told her that he was the one who should trust her and she drank the potion as she saw Richard's mother walk by with a tray full of vials. She asked Richard if they were potions and he told her they were and that he told her they were witches, like her.

When Paige brought up the incident with Grandma Callaway, Richard explained to her that it wasn't them, it was the Callaways because they wanted to make it look like his family was reponsible. As the talked, Richard's brother Steve came running into the room and grabbed a tray of potions, Richard told her to look at Steve's face. They were scars from when the Callaways cast a plague on their family years ago. In return he said they cursed the Callaways with boils, but he was confused that maybe they cast the plague on them and then they did the boils, he forgot saying that with a feud that has lasted as long as their's has, it was easy to forget. Paige asked him why he didn't have scars and he told her because they can't curses on people who don't practice magic, he didn't do it anymore.

Richard explained that he stopped because the last time he did it brought him to a place he doesn't want to go again, and showed Paige a picture of Olivia Callaway, his fiancee, telling her that she was killed in the crossfire of the feud a year prior. He told Paige that she would be upset more than anybody that the truce had ended; she wanted peace. Paige said maybe that is why she was there, to help them end the feud.

Olivia's spirit then emerged from the photograph, looked at Richard with Paige and she walked into the room where Richard's father was and said "boo". He asked her what she wanted and she told him that she wanted her life, her love and created a plasma ball and then travelled outside the window and blasted the ball through it, causing it to hit him, killing him upon impact. Richard and Paige ran to the room and opened the door, and Richard's mother Rosaline ran in, crying over his body. Paige looked out the window and say Phoebe at the Callaways.

The sisters then figured out a third party was involved and called both families to perform a seance, where they learned that it was Olivia prolonging the feud as retribution for her death, at the hands of Steve Montana. Olivia possessed Paige and as Richard was thinking alone in an office at his home, she appeared posing as Paige and offered him a penny for his thoughts. He then told her that that was something Olivia used to say and explained that Olivia seemed so bitter during the seance. Posing as Paige, Olivia said she was pissed and maybe that she was lonely, and reaching out because she wanted justice. But Richard knew that she wanted revenge instead and kissed Richard as she persuaded him to use a potion when the Callaways launched an attack. As they spoke to one another, Steve came in and told them that the Callaways were attacking; Richard took the potion from Paige and proceeded to join the battle.

Richard threw the potion at a Callaway and then grabbed Steve out of the way as a fire ball lunged toward them. The patriarch of the Callaways then launched a fire ball at Richard's mother and it was the final straw, Richard conjured an energy ball and threw it but Piper and Phoebe walked in, blowing the ball up. The father then threw an energy ball at Richard blasting him against the wall. Olivia than ran over to Richard sobbing over his body as she used Paige's orbing power to orb him to a tomb in a Mausoleum.

Trapped in Olivia's Coffin[]

Still alive however, Richard yelled as he awoke in the Olivia's tomb with Olivia as Paige and her bones. He begged Olivia not to kill him but she told him it was the only way for them to be together.

As the sisters tried to find a way to locate Paige, Olivia's father and Richard's Mother arrived at their doorstep telling them they think they knew where Richard and Olivia were. They then went to the mausoleum where Piper blew up the Callaway coffin and found Richard and Paige unconscious. Olivia then emerged from Paige's body and told them they were too late. But Leo told her they weren't as Paige awoke. Olivia was about to throw a Plasma Ball but Piper blew it up and told Phoebe to throw the banishing potion but Paige told them to wait. She explained that she understood how Olivia felt and how much she loved Richard. She told her that she had to let Richard leave so that she could move on and that she should come away from vengeance and back to forgiveness, back to who she was so the feud could end with life and not with death. Richard awoke and asked for Richard's forgiveness as she moved on to the Afterlife.

Helping Save Larry and Paige's Souls[]

After Paige witnessed the death of her temporary boss, Larry Henderson, Richard arrived to findout how Paige was because he hadn't seen her since she saved him from Olivia. The two the went for a walk where Richard explained he was living all alone now in the Montana Estate, his mother moved east and his family followed. He told her it was weird the only thing that kept them together was the feud which caused Paige to say it made her feel sorry she ended but Richard told her not to be sorry and that it was an amazing freedom.

He realized that Paige was really beating herself for Larry's death and she told him it didn't make sense that she was only put in his life to watch him die. Richard could tell that she really believed in fate and destiny and she asked if he did and he told that he didn't untilo he met her. Paige began to smile and he asked her what she was smiling about and she told him that it was nice to talk to someone about magic other than her sisters. Richard then suggested that she summon Larry's ghost to find out what happened.

While Larry was being offered for trade in the Underworld, Paige and Richard summoned him to the Manor where he explained to them what happened and that he made a deal with a demon Zahn. When Richard told him to listen Paige, he asked if he knew him but Richard explained that he did accounting for the Montana family and Larry asked how he was involved with what was going on and Richard told him it was fate. Afterwhich, he told them he signed a deal with Zahn offering him riches in exchange for his soul. Piper walked in and was upset with Paige for bringing danger into the home and Paige told Richard thanks for his help and that she'd call him later.

When Piper and Phoebe were hesitant, Paige went to Richard where she explained that she had a plan but Richard told her that maybe she shouldn't go through with it because she might get hurt. Although Richard thought Paige meant he had to use magic, she told him that all he would have to do is get her sisters after she went through with her plan. But when Paige explained her sisters' hesitance, Richard told Paige that she had a gift and not to figh it. Paige then asked him if he had any candles and they summoned Zahn to the estate where Paige offered him her soul in exchange for Larry's. Richard then proceeded to the Manor to tell Piper and Phoebe want had happened when he noticed that Piper's son, Wyatt made his eyes glow white, to which Piper realized that was the reason all her dates were scared off. He explained that Paige wanted them to reverse the "to Call a Lost Witch spell", taking them right to her so they could save her.

The two sisters were able to save Paige's soul and destroy Zahn along with all his contracts freeing all the souls he captured. Paige and Richard then made a date so Paige could thank him for his help, a date that ended with a kiss.

Concern Over Use of Magic[]

Paige asked Richard to stay over at the Manor where the two slept together and the following morning, seeing that Piper had a clogged sink, used his power to unclog the drain and fix the garbage disposal, Piper told him she thought he didn't use magic anymore, but he explained it was only once and a while and asked if he should fix the washed, to which Paige responded yes and Piper no. Phoebe walked in and Piper explaied that Richard fixed the garbage disposal, afterwhich the two sisters became concerned with Richard using his magic because the last time he used it he became lost in the craft. Piper knew Paige would be angered if they budded in on her relationships, but Phoebe was adamant that they had to keep an eye on Richard.

At the same time, Paige and her sisters came across the Lady of the Lake who asked them to protect the Sword of Excalibur before dying from a demonic attack. Richard was at the Manor when they brought the Sword back and notcied that when Piper was around it, it would glow and he asked Paige if she thought the Lady was from Avalon. Paige told him that she did and it must mean she was flushed out by demons and Richard told them that whoever had Excalibur would be unstoppable.

Phoebe came in with the Book of Shadows and was suspicious of Richard but Paige told her it was okay and that they could talk freely in front of them. Richard then suggested that he leave but Phoebe said he could stay until they flipped the pages of the Book to an entry on the Dark Knight, a power mad paladin of destruction. Paige then asked him to leave after hearing the words "power mad" knowing it was similar to Richard's past. Before he left he told Paige to be careful and explained to her that he didn't think her sisters like him very much, Paige told him they were just being protective and Richard thought it was a good thing but after hugging him and saying bye.

When Paige learned that her sisters were worried about Richard's use of Magic after reading a column Phoebe wrote realizing that the column was based on her relationship with Richard, she assumed that Phoebe hated Richard and what was worse, he could tell as well. Phoebe explained that she thought Paige was falling to fast for a guy that she didn't even know that well. She then told Phoebe he had his magic under control and that they needed to stay out of her personal relationships and business.

After being given a list of unknown ingredients to defeat the Dark Knight, Paige and Phoebe went to Richard's where he revealed his family's potion ingredient room. Phoebe became curious about how Richard acquired some of the ingredients such as Fairy Wing's but seeing that Phoebe was constantly questioning him then Paige asked Richard to grab and mortar and pestle and she expressed her upset and told her she didn't have to treat Richard like he was evil. Phoebe told Paige that she was just worried and she told her that there was nothing to worry about, because Richard was fine and had his magic undercontrol. But Phoebe still believed that Richard's dark side combined with the magic was a very bad combination and that Paige could end up getting hurt.

The two then proceeded to make the potion, but just as Phoebe was going to combine Wrathe Essence and Black Poppy, Richard pulled Phoebe away with the Black Poppy telekinetically, telling them that those two ingredients should never be mixed and showed them how explosive the combination was. Richard then told them that Mordaunt must have wanted them dead. Afterwards, Phoebe realized she made a mistake and should give Richard a chance and stay out of his and Paige's business, when Paige came by the Bay Mirror she apologized as Richard arrived and took Paige on a date.

Asking Paige to Move in with Him[]

After spending another night together at his estate, Richard served Paige breakfest in bed and asked her if she had time to tell her sisters she was moving in with him. But she explained that it was never really the right time to bring it up with her sisters and that they were stronger all together in the Manor but Richard told her that she had to do something for her.

At the same time, Phoebe was persuaded by her boss Elise Rothman to take a chance on love and move to Hong Kong with Jason Dean. Ultimately, Paige told her sisters and although reluctant to let her move, they told her she should and then she packed some of her belongings and moved in with Richard. Phoebe decided to move to Hong Kong as well, leaving Piper and Leo alone in the Manor.

Casting a Spell to Remove Bad Karma[]

Thinking he was plagued by his families bad karma from the feud with the Callaways, Richard sought a magical aid, hoping that Paige could offer a spell and ritual to cleanse his Karma. Paige brought him to the Book of Shadows where she showed him there was a Chakra Cleanse, an Aura Cleanse but no Karma Cleanse. However, when Paige had to tend to her sisters, Richard decided to reword the Aura Cleanse, replacing "Aura" with "Karma". He then cast the spell and as swirls of light appeared, the Karma and soul of Mata Hari was summoned and travelled into Phoebe's body as she entered the Manor.

Blaming his family's bad karma for what had happened to Phoebe, Richard tried to make it up to Paige through the use of magic, magically sending her jewels and other gifts. But Phoebe became plagued with hate towards men and Mata Hari gained control of her body, causing her to wreak havoc on an event held by Jason Dean. Although she was discovered by Piper and Paige, Mata sold the two sisters out to a clan of Swarm Demons. Richard however found Jason and gave him a potion to use to save Phoebe and the sisters. The Swarm Demon were then vanquished, Mata Hari's soul was banished and Jason decided to break up with Phoebe.

Transformed into a Genie[]

After a demon, known as Jinny who was transformed into a Genie and cursed into a bottle by an ancient Sorcerer, tricked Phoebe Halliwell into releasing her from the bottle causing Phoebe to change into a Genie. However, when Jinny attacked at the Manor hoping to get her hands on the bottle, Richard used his telekinetic power to blast Jinny away from it, and he picked it up. He and Paige then orbed to his home to try to find something to free Phoebe and destroy the demon.

However, Jinny acquired the bottle by forcing Christopher Halliwell to take them to Richard's estate threatening to kill Leo and Piper if he didn't. There however, Richard wished Phoebe free from the bottle, causing him to become the Genie. Jinny acquired the bottle and rubbed it, releasing Richard and she wished the Charmed Ones dead; with no control or say in what happened, he made her wish come true.

Although asleep, Leo was able to heal Piper allowing her soul to travel back into her body and Paige and Phoebe to remain in the land of the living as spirits. Thinking the Charmed Ones were dead, Jinny proceeded to wish Richard to unearth the ancient city of Zanbar. With the city unearthed, Phoebe devised a plan to possess Jinny and make her wish Richard free, ultimately trapping the demon in the bottle. The plan succeeded and Jinny was transformed back into a Genie and had to grant Richard's wish, when he wished the Charmed Ones alive.

Stripping His Powers[]

After being transformed back to his regular state, Richard had Paige strip him of his Wiccan powers, rendering him mortal. He and Paige then decided not to see each other any more.