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Belonging to the rare demonic species classified as Soul Traders, Sargon was a diabolical demon that thrived on the prolonged suffering of Spirits in the Afterlife paying for their Sins in Life. This demon frequented bordellos, saloons and nightclubs and was most elusive by the light of day.

Encounter with the Charmed Ones[]

During an enounter with another Soul Trader, known as Zahn, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt found an entry regarding Sargon in the Book of Shadows but Piper stated that it could not be the same demon that has recently surfaced in their lives because they vanquished him five years ago - in 1999.[1]

The Book of Shadows[]

Emphasized only by an illustration of a contract, the entry on the demon Sargon found by Leo Wyatt reads thus:


One of the few diabolical Traders of Souls who
thrives off of the prolonged suffering of Spirits.
He preys on the afterlife, especially those paying
for Wages of Sin. He may be found in bordellos,
saloons, nightclubs and the like...and is most
elusive by the light of day.


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