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Sarpedon Still
Sarpedon as he attacks Piper & Phoebe
General Information
Species Demon
Breed Celerity Demon
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Skin Color White
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
Capturing Guardian Angels via Pendant


Super Strength

Energy Balls




Other Information
Loyalty Evil/Himself
Home Underworld
Status Vanquished
Vanquish Method Blown Up
Someone To Witch Over Me
Portrayed By
Neil Hopkins

An Upper-Level Celerity Demon with the power of Lightning Speed (Celerity) and the ability to capture his victims' Guardian Angels with his powerful amulet, Sarpedon was one of the most insidious demons faced by the Charmed Ones.

Sarpedon's ability to move with the Quickness of Light made it unable to foresee or prevent an oncoming attack. By the time he could be figured out, it would be too late; his goal would already by accomplished.


Sarpedon was first shown peering out of a crowd of San Franciscans watching a group of firefighters trying to rescue an innocent from a burning building. He was waiting for the perfect moment to capture the Guardian Angel of the victim trapped within the blaze in hopes of allowing him to survive the upcoming threat of the Avatars. Sarpedon was able to see the Angels due to his lightning speed. With the amulet around his neck, he was able to suck the Angel inside of the amulet; then he would place his fingers on it to hear the guiding whispers advising him what to do during an attack.

Kyle Brody & Paige Matthews' First Encounter[]

Kyle and Paige Devise a Plan[]

Sarpedon Steals Paige's Guardian Angel[]

Sarpedon and Aku[]

Killing Piper and Phoebe Halliwell[]

The Book of Shadows[]

While trying to determine the demon responsible for stealing her Guardian Angel, Paige and Kyle stumbled upon an entry in the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows describing the demon they had just encountered - Celerity Demons. The entry contained an explanation of the demon's powers as well as a method of vanquish. The entry read thus:

Celerity DemonBOS
Celerity Demons

Celerity Demons are powerful beings
who can move at the speed of light
and feed off of lesser demons.
Proud, solitary, aggressive and
with quickness faster than human
sight they are very difficult to both
find and fight.

However, destroying one is
possible...Boil mandrake root,
hummingbird wings, eye of newt and
Sagan's Strings.