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A Satyr before being destroyed by the demon Xavier.

Magical beings charged with guiding and protecting Wood Nymphs, the Satyrs are meek creatures with minimal powers and no known magical enemies. A Satyr's defining feature is its two small goat-like horns atop its forehead.

Xavier and Tull[]

Two demonic brothers known as Xavier and Tull once killed a Satyr in order to capture a trio of Wood Nymphs so that they would summon the Eternal Fountain so that the two demons could drink from it and become invincible. Howerver, after the demons killed the Satyr, they also killed one of the three Nymphs who then went to the Charmed Ones for help. The two women then transformed Paige Matthews into a Nymph and were later forced to summon the Eternal Fountain. Xavier drank from the fountain and became invincible causing the Charmed Ones to cast a spell transforming him into a tree; Tull was vanquished.

The Sword of Excalibur[]

In 2003, after the Charmed Ones witnessed the killing of the Lady of the Lake, a woman charged with protecting the Sword of Excalibur for its next rightful owner, by a dark magical being known as the Dark Knight, the sisters brought the Sword in its stone back to Halliwell Manor where a line up of dozens of beings from the Magical Community soon formed to see which one of them could pull the Sword from the stone; within the line up was a Satyr.