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Although little is known of the Scouter Demon, the name implies that they scout locations for prey.

Leo Learns of a Scouter Demon[]

In autumn 2005, while Leo Wyatt, husband of Piper Halliwell and father of Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell, was determined to destroy demonic threats, he learned that a Scouter Demon was in the swamp.

While in the Underworld trying to destroy a demon, Piper Halliwell orbed in with her two sons and told Leo that he needed to look after them. Leo then told her that he discovered that a Scouter Demon was in the swamp. Leo was worried about finding it and eliminating it but Piper told him that Wyatt was the one who orbed them to him because he wants to spend time with him. She then left Wyatt and Christopher with him instead of letting him hunt the demon because she had to get to work.