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Sean Patrick Flanery is an American actor who portrayed the role of Adam Prinze in the Season 5 episode of Charmed entitled Happily Ever After.



  • Just Perfect
  • My Life as a Babysitter
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  • The Accident
  • Guinevere
  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Hollywood Follies
  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye
  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Attack of the Hawkmen
  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father
  • The Strip
  • Run the Wild Fields
  • The Outer Limits
  • The Diamond Hunters
  • Acceptable Risk
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Touched by an Angel
  • Charmed
  • Stephen King's Dead Zone
  • Then Came Jones
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Dead Lawyers
  • 30 Days Until I'm Famous
  • Into the Fire
  • Savage Planet
  • Secrets of a Small Town
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Masters of Horror
  • KAW

Sean with Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless

  • Numb3rs
  • Criminal Minds
  • Mongolian Death Worm
  • The Young and the Restless


  • A Tiger's Tale
  • Kingdom Come
  • Frank & Jesse
  • The Grass Harp
  • Raging Angels
  • Powder
  • Just Your Luck Ray
  • The Method
  • Eden
  • Pale Saints
  • Suicide Kings
  • Best Men
  • Girl
  • Zach and Reba
  • Simply Irresistible
  • The Boondock Saints
  • Body Shots
  • Kiss the Bride
  • Con Express
  • D-Tox
  • Lone Hero
  • Borderline
  • The Gunman
  • The Storyteller
  • Demon Hunter
  • The Insatiable
  • Veritas, Prince of Truth
  • Ten Inch Hero
  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
  • Crystal River
  • Deadly Impact
  • The Whole Truth

    Sean and Norman in The Boondock Saints

  • The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
  • Sinners & Saints
  • Scavengers
  • Saw 3D
  • InSight



  • Sean currently appears on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless, where his on-screen daughter shares the same first name of Charmed One Piper Halliwell.
  • His co-star on The Young and the Restless, Michael Muhney, also appeared in an episode of Charmed
  • He co-starred with actor Norman Reedus in the movie The Boondock Saints, who also portrayed a character during season 5 of Charmed.
  • Sean starred in Simply Irresistible where he fell in love with a witch.