The Charmed Legacy Wiki

Turn yourself into a fuck Spell

Take this puck

And turn me into Fuck

I wanna duck

turned into a Buck

struck me with lighting

and then make me

A very ugly truck.

Ryan white spell

Take this Ugly Beast

and turn him into a feast

then send him to the east

at least turn him into a geese


Ryan white is a idiot spell

Ryan the most Dumbest person

hes just a duck

who Likes to FUCK

Hes such a shit

Cuz hes a bitch


How to make your dick longer Spell

I want to use Da Vinci's cumming machine

To make me lean

with a dick in my jeans


How to get a girlfriend's spell

I want to punt

a fucking cunt

then I'll fuck a fag

and put him in a bag

I want a girl that is thot

cuz horny women is hot