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All spells from season 2. These include spells cast by demons and spells that weren't cast but are in the Book of Shadows

Witch Trial[]

To Reverse the Love Spell[]

Eniw der Ni Liob,
Stun leteb puc,
riah fo kcol s'revol dda,
stoor ekardnam owt

To Reverse the Warlock Spell[]

Eerf su tes lliw,
eerht fo rewop eht,

To Reverse the Woogyman Spell[]

Llewd swodahs erehw krad ot nruter
thgif ot gnorts oot eno ma I

A Spell for invoking the power of three[]

Hear now the words
of the witches,
The secrets we hid
in the night,
The oldest of Gods
are invoked here,
The great work of
magic is sought,
In this night and
in this hour...
We call upon the
Ancient power...

Morality Bites[]

To Move Ahead In Time[]

Hear these words
hear the rhyme
We send to you
this burning sign
Then our future selves
we'll find
In another place and time.

Return Spell[]

Take us back from
whence we came
To time and place
that are the same
Let past be present
That time began

To Bind[]

I take your hands
in mine
And with this string
I will entwine
Your powers
I'll forever bind
From now until
the end of time

To Create a Door[]

When you find your
path is Blocked
All you have to do
is Knock
  • Note: This spell requires one to mark out the frame of a door over the area they wish
to make one appear after which the incantation should be recited. Then knock on the area
and a door shall open allowing access.
  • To reverse the Humans Into Animals spell

To Discourage a Lover[]

Your love for me
shall be no more
Make your feelings
only pure
Look upon another
There's will mine
now replace

Erase a Memory[]

Thoughts Beliefs Ideas Truths Images
All of these you hold
onto tightly
What I now mention
you will release

The Painted World[]

Smart Spell[]

send the words
from all across the land.
Allow me to absorb them
From the touch of
either hand.
For 24 hours from
seven to seven,
I will understand
all meanings of the words from
here to heaven.

Latin Spells from Nell[]

To Free What is Lost Curse
Absolvo Amitto Amplus Brevis, Semper Mea
Words Free Us All
Verva omnes liberant.

She's a Man, Baby, a Man![]

To Attract the Succubus[]

By the Forces of Heaven and Hell
Draw to us this woman fell
Rend her from her foul desire
That she may perish as moth to fire.

That Old Black Magic[]

To Disempower a Witch[]

  • Requires a fresh human heart
Before the passing of this hour
Take away all of their powers.

Sleep Spell[]

Poppy, yar and
brisbane steep
To make a potion
for potent sleep.

They're Everywhere[]

To Hear Secret Thoughts[]

  • Light a blue candle (one per person) and chant:
As flame lights shadow
And truth ends fear
Open locked thoughts
to my mind's willing ear
May the smoke from
this candle into
everywhere creep
Bringing innermost voices
to my mind in speech.

Marcy's Protection Spell[]

  • Spray the odeur that you like best in your house as you chant:
Favor us, Sister Moon with your protective beams.
Give all who dwell within this spell, safe days and sweet dreams.
For those who dwell underneath this roof...


Awakening Spell[]

  • You need a puppet and blood
of the person to be awakened.
Troubled blood with
sleep's unease
Remove the cause
of this disease
Sleep eternal, nevermore
And shift this source
of illness borne
To this poppet whom
none shall mourn.

To Reverse Awakening Spell[]

What was awakened
from its sleep
Must once again
slumber deep.
Return the disease
to whence it came
So life can ease
back to the same
  • The bold part is the only part chanted.

Animal Pragmatism[]

To Create a Mate[]

From the strike of 12 count 24
That's how long this spell is for
If to abate my lonely heart
Enchant these gifts I thee impart.
  • In order to successfully cast the spell an object or animal must be used and placed in the center of a pentagram with candles surrounding.

To Turn Humans Into Animals[]

Something wicked in our midst
In human forms these spirits dwell
Make them animal sayeth this spell.

To reverse the Humans Into Animals spell[]

Undo the magic acted here
Reverse the spell so all is clear.

Pardon My Past[]

Past Life Spell[]

Remove the chains of time and space
And make my spirit soar
Let these mortal arms embrace
The life that haunts before.

To Kill An Evil Witch[]

  • This spell not only kills an evil witch, but causes her future lives to be cursed; they will die at or near the same point as well.
Evil Witch
In my sight
Vanquish thy self
Vanquish thy might
In this and every future life.

To Switch Bodies With a Past Life[]

In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring it forth, while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black.

To Return to Present Life[]

In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring me forth, while she goes back
To her soul so black.

Give Me a Sign[]

Spell to Receive a Sign[]

I beseech all powers
Send a sign to free my
sister's heart
One that will lead her
to her love.

Murphy's Luck[]

Good Luck Spell[]

From this moment on
Your pain is erased
Your bad luck as well
Enjoy your good luck (name)
You are free from this Hell.

How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans[]

To Summon Cryto[]

We call on the demon Cryto
Reach back throughout the ages.
Humbled by his power
We invite him into our circle.
  • Witches Be Warned: This spell requires one to have a "body" prepared for Cryto in order for him to return corporeally. For example, Gail and her friends made a body for him by taking pieces of dead skin from graves and clothing a manequin with it. If there is n body to act as a vessel for the demon then he will only appear as a gaseous spirit.

To Call a Witch's Powers[]

Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here
  • Note: This spell requires a special potion in order to separate the witch from their powers

To Vanquish Cryto[]

What witch has done,
And then undone,
Return this spirit back within,
And separate him from his skin.

Chick Flick[]

To Vanquish Demon of Illusion[]

Evil that has traveled near
I call on you to disappear
Elements hear my call
Remove this creature from these walls.
  • The reason why this spell failed could be that due to his power to travel between the worlds, the Demon of Illusion was able to "remove" himself in the sense of literally leaving reality for the world of illusion, rather than being vanquished.

Ex Libris[]

To Vanquish a Libris Demon[]

Demon hide your evil face
Libris die and leave no trace.

Apocalypse, Not[]

To Vanquish Demon of Anarchy[]

Sower of Discord your works must Cease
I vanquish thee now with these words of peace.

Demon of Anarchy Vanquish Reversal[]

Sower of Discord your works we emplore
We summon thee now with these words of truce.

Be Careful What You Witch For[]

Warlock Spell[]

The Power of Three will set us free!
The Power of Three will set us free!
The Power of Three will set us free!