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All spells from season 4. These include spells cast by demons and spells that weren't cast but are in the Book of Shadows.

Charmed Again, Part 1[]

To Summon the Dead[]


Scan of the page from the real book

Place five candles in a loose circle on the
floor, light the candles and then Chant:
Hear these words
hear my cry
Spirit from the
other side
Come to me I
summon thee
Cross now the Great Divide

To Call a Lost Witch[]

File:To Call a Lost Witch BOS.jpg
  • Potion Ingredients required - Pinch of Rosemary, Yarrow Root, Sprig of Cypress, Blood of the Caller'
Power of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here.
Blood to blood, I summon thee
Blood to blood, return to me.

To Send One Away[]

Take him back,
Take him away.
Remove him now.
Don't let him stay.
We call the spirits to help undo
And send him off to Timbuktu.

Charmed Again, Part 2[]

Enchantment Spell[]


The Enchantment Spell in BoS

  • Chant this spell whilst holding the object you wish to enchant.
Magic forces far and wide,
Enchant these so those can't hide,
Allow this witch to use therein,
So she can reveal the evil within.

Exorcism Spell[]

Demon's soul hides
Behind an innocent's face
This witch's magic
Casts you
Out of this place

Hell Hath No Fury[]

Instant Karma Spell[]

File:Instant Karma.jpg
To make a demon feel
the pain he inflicts.
Let cruelty, pain
And evil ways
Follow this villain
Through all his days
Reverse the torment he creates
To turn on him
A crueler fate

Vanishing Spell[]

File:Vanishing Spell BOS.jpg
Let the Object
of Objection
Become but
a Dream
As I cause
the Seen
To be Unseen

To Promote Compromise[]

File:To Promote a Compromise 805.jpg

Billie flips past this spell. ("Rewitched")

These words
Will travel
Through the minds
Of stubborn parties
And unbind
The thoughts too rigid
To be kind
A compromise
They'll dis-entwine
  • Paige cast this spell to lengthen her deadline on submitting Adam O'Brien's application. The result of the spell made the caller extend Paige's deadline. ("Hell Hath No Fury")

To Reverse a backfired spell[]

  • The spell requires that the the spell that backfired be written on a sheet of paper and set on fire.
Guided spirits hear our plea
Annul this magic let it be.

Enter the Demon[]

Size Matters[]

To Vanquish Gammill, the Collector[]

Small of mind,
Big of woe,
The pain you caused,
You now will know.

A Knight to Remember[]


The spell created by the Evil Enchantress to make the prince fall in love with her.

To Call a Lover to Oneself[]

Bring together
my Prince and Me
Let him fall on
bended knee
I summon him
to my side
That he may take me
to be his destined Bride
This spell appropriates the love another person has for the person whose love is being called. For this reason, the true lover must remain alive for the spell to work.

To Call Oneself to a Lover[]

Bring together my prince and me,
His kingdom now I wish to see.
Crossing history to his side,
From myself I will not hide!

To Vanquish the Shocker Demon[]

Vanquish, we three witches cry;
One final shock and then you die.

Brain Drain[]

To Vanquish a Chameleon Demon[]

Evil Hiding in plain sight
I use this spell with all my might
Stop your changing form and shape
This vanquish seals your fate!

Mind Link[]

Harness your mental energy
by reciting this spell within
a circle of candles
Life to Life
and Mind to Mind
Our Spirits now
will intertwine
We meld our souls
and journey to
the One whose thoughts
We wish we knew

To Break a Mind Link[]

Recite this spell:

Life from Life
and Mind from Mind
Our Spirits now
will disentwine
We part our Souls
and journey home
To let Our thoughts
be on their own.

Black as Cole[]

Muse to My Ears[]

To See a Muse[]

Being of creativity,
Show yourself now to thee
Your light that shines upon our face
Let our vision now embrace.

To Draw yourself to a Muse[]

Being of creativity,
We call ourselves now to thee
Your light now darkened in a ring
Shall feel the power of three we bring.

Warlock Vanquishing Spell[]

Evil is a faithful foe,
But good does battle best.
We Witches will, with these words,
Waste the Warlocks evil zest.

Warlock Vanquishing Spell II[]

  • Written by Phoebe but not used on Warlock
A Warlock is a funny thing,
He blinks from place to place.
And when we say these words to him,
His face they will erase.

To Make a Muse Invisible[]

Being of creativity
Hide yourself now from me
Your light that shines upon our face
From our vision now erase.

A Paige from the Past[]

Trial by Magic[]

To Stretch the Imagination[]

Let mind and body soar
To heights not reached before
Let limits stretch
That you may catch
A new truth to explore

Seance Spell[]

Beloved spirit (Angela).
We seek your guidance.
We ask that you commune with us
and move among us.
  • This spell requires a sage stick and the Power of Three (or at least three witches). This type of spirit summoning spell differs from the above as the spirit cannot move outside the summoning circle to become corporeal. To adapt simply swich the name in brackets for that of the spirit one wishes to summon.

Lost and Bound[]

To Open A Door[]


Door unlock
No magic block
  • If doors are magically sealed it could be that this spell doesn't work, even with the Power of Three.

To Vanquish Ludlow (Haiku)[]

The brutal winter
Gives way to flowers of spring
Ludlow is vanquished.

Charmed and Dangerous[]

To Call Upon Our Ancestors[]

File:To Call Upon Our Ancestors.jpg
Prudence, Penelope
Patricia, Melinda...
Astrid, Helena
Laura and Grace
Halliwell Witches
Stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil
from time and space
  • Used to vanquish extremely powerful evil beings, such as The Source. Requires the Power of Three.

The Three Faces of Phoebe[]

To Hear Your Heart's Desire[]

  • Write this question you wish to know an answer to on a piece of paper then roll it up and burn it completely using a lit candle whilst chanting this spell:
My love is strong, my spirit weak
It is an answer that I seek
The question burns within this fire
So I may hear my heart's desire

To Vanquish Kurzon[]

Hell threw you from its inner core,
But earth won't hold you anymore.
Since heaven cannot be your place,
Your flesh and blood we now erase.


Vanishing Spell[]

Let the object of objection
become but a dream.
As I cause the Seen
to be Unseen.

The Fifth Halliwheel[]

Saving Private Leo[]

Bite Me[]

To Vanquish a Harpie[]

  • (Power of Three spell)
Claws of pain, We have to sever, :Demon you are gone forever.

We're Off to See The Wizard[]

Long Live the Queen[]

To Call Upon Our Ancestors []

(Circle around the demon with crystals)

Prudence, Penelope
Patricia, Melinda...
Astrid, Helena
Laura and Grace
Halliwell Witches
Stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil
from time and space

Womb Raider[]

To Steal a Baby from the Womb[]

Give me strength and give me might
To steal a child in still of night
Darkest forces let it be
Hear my plea
Bring life to me.

Protection Spell[]

  • Power of Three Spell
The Power of Three will set us free!
The Power of Three will set us free!

          The Power of Three will set us free!

Witch Way Now?[]


The spell in the Book of Shadows

To Find a Lost Love[]

Wither My Love
Wherever You Be
Through Time
And Space
Take My Heart
Nearer To Thee

Reversal Spell[]

Return thy love
Wherever she be
Through time and space
Bring her back to me