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All spells from season 5. These include spells cast by demons and spells that weren't cast but are in the Book of Shadows.

A Witch's Tail, Part 1[]

To Find a Mermaid[]

Water rise up from the sea,
Find the one who fled from me,
Follow where the winds are cold,
Then fall tenfold like days of old.

To Summon the Sea Hag[]

  • Turns the chanting witch with the coldest heart into a Mermaid who in turn can locate the sea hag. This is similar to how the spell for tracking a succubus and for tracking a banshee works.
Powers of the Witches rise
Find the Hag, who speaks in lies
Balance Chakra's, focus Chi,
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea!

A Witch's Tail, Part 2[]

Fearless Spell[]

Locked in,
Boxed in full of fear,
My panic grows manic till I can't hear,
In need of reprieve,
So that I can breathe,
Remove my fear, please make it leave.
  • Witches Be Warned: This spell literally makes the caster Fearless to the point where they are overly confident and brave leading to the person in question endangering to possibly endanger their own lives.

To Open One's Heart[]

Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
reveal the secret that it holds.
Bring forth the passion of loves fire,
that he may feel her true desire.

To Vanquish Skeletal Beings[]

Tide of evil washed ashore
Bring its darkness evermore
With all our strength we fight this fate
Make this evil obliterate.

Happily Ever After[]

To Trap Someone In a Mirror[]

Freedom's loss must be unwitting,
Into the glass to do my bidding.

To Revive One From A Poisoned Slumber[]

Hear our call
For those who fall
Purge her to awaken
From this toxin taken

Siren Song[]

To Summon a Siren[]

Oh singing lady of the dusk,
Who preys on men, turns love to lust,
We harken yee into presence,
To vanquish thee evil essence.

Witches In Tights[]

  • None

The Eyes Have It[]

To Call Upon Our Ancestors (Nicoli Gypsies-Ava)[]

Marina, Teresa, Lydia
Nicoli Gypsies
Stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil
from time and space

Sympathy For The Demon[]

To Destroy A Lower Level Demon[]

Hell-spawned demon creature of death
Fire shall take your very breath

A Witch In Time[]

Concealing Spell[]


Power Protection Spell[]

Murus Adigo

To Reveal the Invisible[]

Aspectus Invisus

To Induce Slumber[]


To Reverse Molecular Immobilization[]

Glacies Imber

To Teleport an Object[]


Fireball Spell[]

Incendiares Globus

Petrification Spell[]

We call upon Medusa's bones
Turn their flesh into stone

Unknown Effect[]


Sam, I Am[]

  • None

Y Tu Mummy Tambien[]

To See What Someone Has Been Scrying For[]

Scrying secrets come to me,
drop again so I might see.

Mummifying Spell[]

Saqqara tiet ushebti

Possession Spell[]

Khet mastaba hotep ka

De-mummifying spell[]

Dromos wabet khufu nemes akh

To Drive Away a Soul[]

Together no more through time,
expel her soul,leave only mine.

To Drive Away a Soul[]

Two worn souls now burn inside,
Where only one can reside,
I call upon the Power of Three,
To save the body and set Paige free.

The Importance Of Being Phoebe[]

To Remove Phoebe's Powers[]

This witch's power can not fight,
The lure of evil's magic might,
Before misuse lands her in hell,
Remove the powers of Phoebe Halliwell

The Woogyman Spell[]

  • See Spells Season 1
  • This spell was shortened in the episode.

Centennial Charmed[]

To Turn Into an Avatar[]

Ribus uero fecit orum,
Bitis danae arca,
Convenio hospito fortis mundis.

To Alter the Past[]

Magna tempus dormiebat ribus.

House Call[]

Purifying Spell[]

Combine together Rosemary, Sage, Eucalyptus and Whale Oil.
Burn the ingredients and allow the smoke to fill the area that
you wish to cleanse while you are ringing a blessed bell and
chanting the following spell:

To Summon a Witch Doctor[]

Free us from the ties that bind,
Of evil magic entertwined,
We call upon the one who cures,
He who's to the Dark inured.

To Undo the Vanishing Spell[]

Let the object of objection return,
so its existence may be reaffirmed.

Sand Francisco Dreamin'[]

Sleep Spell[]

  • A modification of the Reverse Awakening Spell.
Let we who waken from our sleep,
Return at once to slumber deep.

The Day The Magic Died[]

Return to Sender Spell[]

Take this beast, before I end her,
Ship her back, Return to sender.

To Vanquish a Demon With a Unicorn's Horn[]

Beast of legend, myth and lore,
Give my words the power to soar,
And kill this evil evermore

Baby's First Demon[]

  • None

Lucky Charmed[]

To Repair Damage[]

Personal loss should not be mine,
Restore this sweater and make it fine.
  • Replace "sweater" with the damaged object.

To Find Good Luck[]

Finances have run amok,
creditors I soon must duck.
I cast this spell to find good luck,
and hope my life will cease to suck.

To Light Up a Rainbow[]

Go n-éirí an bóthar laet!
  • translation: May the road of light rise

To Grant Good Luck[]

Sláinte is táinte!
  • translation: Health is Wealth!

To Grant Bad Luck[]

Marbhfháisc ort!
  • translation: A shroud on you!

Cat House[]

Piper's Memory Spell[]

Let the truth be told,
Let our lives unfold,
So we can relive our memories,
And stop being enemies.

Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun[]

Transmutation Spell[]

  • Will turn an Immortal Demon into a Tree.
Changing seasons changes all,
life renews as creation calls.
Nothing is immune, everything transmutes,
so take this demon and give him roots

Necromancing The Stone[]

To Summon a Creeper Demon[]

Demons who dwell in slivers of night,
Uncloak your shadows to witch's sight

To Summon the Halliwell Matriarchs[]

I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs from the Halliwell line:
Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends--
Our family's spirit without end--
To gather now in this sacred place
And help us bring this child to grace.

Sense and Sense Ability[]

  • None

Oh My Goddess! Part 1[]

To Free The Titans[]

Emergo dormio,
Libertas caeles dicio
  • translation: Emerge from sleep, free from heaven's dictates!

Oh My Goddess! Part 2[]

To Release the Greek Goddesses[]

Eccere, oh, gee,
Ac mando ma mento
  • translation: Behold, oh, bring forth and command my will!