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Shakti and Shiva depicted in the Book of Shadows

Commonly invoked at Hindi weddings, Shakti and Shiva are considered to be the Ultimate Lovers. Shakti, the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Shiva, the God of Destruction, are said to have created All Things and if they consummate their love again, it is believed that All Things will be obliterated and the Universe will be Reborn. Shakti is also considered to be the Ultimate Mother.

Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt[]

During a wedding between friends of Piper Halliwell and her husband Leo Wyatt the minister invoked the God and Goddess during a blessing on the bride and groom which


The spirits of Shakti and Shiva

summoned the spirits of Shakti and Shiva and instead of being bestowed upon the bride and groom, the two spirits entered the bodies of Piper and Leo. Possessed by Shakti, Piper grew four more arms and gained an intense motherly intuition and became extremely nurturing to her son, Wyatt Matthew. During an attack by the demon Barbas,


Piper and Leo as Shakti and Shiva

she was extremely concerned with protecting her son and her powers were magnified to a point that lightning bolts were released from her hands. She also became extremely affectionate with her husband, Leo.

Possessed by Shiva, Leo grew extremely affectionate with Piper and pleasing her was his ultimate goal. He also became less concerned with punishing those he thought were responsible for trying to hurt Wyatt.

The Gods were later removed from Piper and Leo.

The Book of Shadows[]

After realizing Piper and Leo were clearly possessed, Phoebe Halliwell and her sister Paige Matthews researched the Book of Shadows and came across the entry on Shakti and Shiva and concluded that the couple must have been possessed by the two Hindu Gods. The entry contained an illustration of Shakti and Shiva and a full page description of who the two are. It read thus:

Shakti&ShivaBOS (2)

Shakti & Shiva
Shakti the Hindu Goddess
of Creation, and Shiva,
the God of Destruction.
are commonly invoked at
Weddings because they're
reconsidered to be The
Ultimate Lovers.
Shakti, also called The
Ultimate Mother, and
Shiva together created All
Things, and if they
consummate their love
again All Things will be
obliterated and the
Universe Will be reborn.