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Stunning with electricity, Shocking is a magical ability that allows the user to strike a victim with electrical shock. The shock can vary in voltage and can cause internal trauma if shocked for an increased amount of time.

The Shocker Demon[]

Comprised entirely of electricity, the Shocker Demon manifested itself in Halliwell Manor traveling through the entire electrical system of the home. Whenever the Charmed Ones flipped a switch or plugged something in, the Shocker Demon would materialize from the outlet, shocking the sisters.

Necron and the Eels[]

Skeletal Being Necron used electrical eels with the ability to shock and electrocute Piper Halliwell when he captured her in an attempt to lure Phoebe Halliwell when she transformed into a Mermaid in order to gain her immortality. He restrained Piper to a metal object and when she refused to cooperate with him, he would have the eels shock her.