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The ability to condense the size of living beings and objects, Shrinking is a power that can either be harnessed through magical devices or possessed physically by a magical being. It is not a prevalent power in the magical world but can be bestowed upon witches, demons or other magical creatures.


When an evil witch from 1799 was accidentally released by two mortals searching for treasure, Tuatha emerged and reached to her helt pulling out a magical dust that she threw on the two men, causing them to shrink. She then picked the men up with her hands and feed them to her snake.


Collecting one of a kind figurines, Gammill was a demon cursed by a witches over three decades ago to make him as hideous on the outside as he was on the inside. He would use a silver wand-like device that shot an energy beam at his victim causing them to shrink, he would then cover the being in clay, heat them in a kiln and then paint them.

Gammill used the wand to shrink all three of the Charmed Ones, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews in an attempt to add them to his collection of figurines, but the sisters managed to destroy the demon by shrinking him with his own wand before casting a spell that vanquished him, after which they returned to their normal size.

Borneo Demons[]

Said the be impervious to the magic of witches, Borneo Demons are masked beings armed with a straw like instrument that they use to shoot a dart at a target, shrinking it upon contact. Holding the instrument to their mouth, they blow into it causing the dart to be launched at an intended target.

The Charmed Ones encountered a Borneo Demon that materialized in Halliwell Manor and when he attempted to shoot a dart at Paige, the dart hit a teddy bear, shrinking it's head. It is presumed that the dart does not shrink the entire target but rather the surrouding area that the dart impales the object.

Wyatt Halliwell[]

Wanting to protect his mother and father, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt , Wyatt shrunk his two parents after a demon attack to ensure harm wouldn't come to them. He shrunk them and then transported them into a replica dollhouse of Halliwell Manor.