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Phoebe and Piper walk up the stairs discussing Skip and Peter

Phoebe: "Okay Piper, I can't be late gettng to the office today, I have a radio interview with those morning guys Pip and Sketter."
Piper: "That's Skip and Peter." - Phoebe and Piper Halliwell discuss the radio hosts

Skip and Peter are radio show hosts in San Francisco, California. Phoebe Halliwell once had an interview with Skip and Peter in Autumn 2002 after her career as a columnist at The Bay Mirror began to take off after the vanquish of Cole Turner, The Source of All Evil. Phoebe was so excited about her career taking off, that she mistakenly called the hosts "Pip and Sketter, rather than Skip and Peter. Not much is known about Skip and Peter but they possibly work for San Francisco radio station KQSF, mentioned numerous times throughout the series.