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Drone demons willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the collective body and serve their king without question, Swarm Demons are pack hunters that are distant relatives of Vampires and Kazis. The demons possess the power to launch Fire Balls and can Shimmer from place to place.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Demons Breed: Swarm Appearance: Chain-like armored tops on their upper bodies and head coverings Distinction: Hive demons created from the body and blood of a Swarm King, Drones incapable of original thought processes

Piper Halliwell Tracks Down the Swarm Demons[]

Charmed One Piper Halliwell found the lair of the Swarms Demon and attempted to destroy them but when she used her power of Molecular Combustion on them to blow them up, each demon killed multipled into 2 more. She was then hit by a fire ball, knocked to the ground and she retreated.

Piper and Paige Return to the Swarm Demon's Lair[]

After the initial encounter with the Swarm Demons, Piper sought the help of her sister Paige Matthews in trying to destroy the demons but again when the two went to the demons' lair they were outnumbered by the drone demons who again multipled each time they were hit by Piper's blast, thus the two sisters retreated.

Attack at Halliwell Manor[]

Following an attack in their lair by Piper and her sister Paige, the Swarm Demons attacked at the home of the Charmed Ones, Halliwell Manor.

=Mata Hari[]

After possessing Phoebe, Mata Hari advised the Swarm Demons during their attack on Piper and Paige at Halliwell Manor and then the demons shimmered out of the Manor back to their lair where she tried to seduce the Swarm King into sparing her life in exchange for Piper and Paige. However, the king and all his minions were soon destroyed by the sisters.

The Book of Shadows[]

After their encounter with the demons, Piper and Paige researched the demons and found the Swarm Demons entry in the Book of Shadows. The one page entry did not contain an illustration of the demons or a vanquishing spell or potion. The entry read thus:

Swarm Demons
Distant cousins of Kazis and Vampires,
This demonic hive of evil known
as Swarm Demons are pack
hunters of the Underworld. The
Swarm Demons follow the orders
of the Swarm King without questions
and often sacrifice themselves for
the good of the collective body.