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Former handmaiden and party planner, Tabitha Lenox was a powerful witch featured on the television daytime soap opera "Passions".

Quick Facts[]

Full Name: Tabitha Lenox
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Birthdate: BCE
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Portrayed By: Juliet Mills

Tabitha was one of the main antagonists residing in the fictional town of Harmony in New England, to which she resided for over 300 years. She was said to be the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Lenox and born before Jesus Christ. Tabitha claimed to have had relationships with many men including Rasputin, Napoleon Bonaparte, King Tut, Jack the Ripper, Pharaoh Rameses, Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Caligula, Attila the Hun, Vlad the Impaler, Robin Hood, Louis XII, Louis XIV, Benjamin Franklin, Barnabas Collins, Edward VII, Juan Peron, Sitting Bull, three or more United States Presidents and finally Julian Crane, with whom she had one daughter, Endora Lenox.

Tabitha is known to be virtually immortal; that when one body dies she is later reborn in another, identical body. It is known that she has witnessed and/or participated in numerous historical events. She claims to have been the child of a mortal father Darrin, and a Witch mother named Samantha. As a child, Tabitha had green skin because on her mother's side of the family she was descended from a Frog Prince. Her early life is unknown though as a young adult in Magic Academy she was teased because of her skin color. A loner because of this, Tabitha was an avid student of dark magic, choosing to use her knowledge of the arts to bring harm and displeasure to those who upset her.

The witch was most often seen with a doll that she brought to life known as Timmy, who repeatedly tried to have Tabitha refrain from using her magic and powers on the residents of Harmony.

The Boys in the Basement[]

Residing in the basement of Tabitha's Victorian home, the Boys in the Basement were evil beings that gave Tabitha orders to harm certain residents of Harmony. Tabitha also had a closet in the home that served as a gateway to hell.

Appearance on Charmed[]

Tabitha: Tonight, Tabitha is going to get her revenge. On all of harmony.
(Tabitha cackles.)
Piper: Hm. Like that spell would've worked. - Tabitha casts a spell and Piper comments on it

While pregnant with her son Wyatt, Piper Halliwell was told she needed to rest and relax in her third trimester due to suffering from toxecima.[1] In bed, she watched an episode of "Passions" in which Tabitha was seen casting a spell upon residence of Harmony. Piper commented on Tabitha's spell saying that a spell like that wouldn't work.


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