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A variant of Mind Control, Telepathic Suggestion offers a magical being the ability to suggest and instill thoughts and ideas in the minds of others telepathically. It can be used to either open a person's mind to a new idea or manipulate them into feeling a certain way thus acting on the thoughts. 

When possessed by the forces of Good, the power can be an extremely useful method of guidance but evil beings bestowed with the power use it for horrifying purposes that can be extremely dangerous to humans and good magical beings.

Notable Beings Possessing Telepathic Suggestion[]

Various beings possessing this power have encountered the Charmed Ones, the first of whom was an evil being that posed as the owner of Buckland Auction House, Prue Halliwell's place of business for one year and a half after she acquired her power of Telekinesis and the Power of Three. His actual name was unknown but he went by the alias Rex Buckland. Rex used the power in association with Astral Projection.

A Cupid next approached the Charmed sisters in 2000 seeking their help to defeat Drazi, the Demon of Hate. Gifted with a magical ring known as the Cupid Ring, Cupid used the power of Telepathic Suggestion to instill    thoughts of love, passion and understanding in humans opening their hearts up to a willing to take a chance on love and establish intimate relationships with other humans. However, Drazi stole the Cupid's ring and used it to Telepathically suggest thoughts of mistrust, hatred and disdain into humans, tearing couples apart.

The third magical creature possessing Telepathic Suggestion encountered by the Charmed Ones was another evil being, a Darklighter known as the Spirit Killer that targeted Maggie Murphy, attempting to instill suicidal ideas into her head so that she would kill herself. He then targeted Prue.

The Demon of Fear, Barbas gained the power almost three years after his initial encounter with the Halliwells. Like Rex, Barbas' form of Telepathic Suggestion was tied to a recently taught power, Astral Projection.  Another demon taught Barbas how to Astral Project from the Underworld where he then targeted Cole Turner and the Charmed Ones, attempting to make their greatest fears come to bear. 

Although Barbas was defeated the first time he used the power, he returned a year later and targeted Leo Wyatt with the power, making him believe that the Elders were trying to harm Wyatt Halliwell and working with demons.