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The Aggressor
Aggressor Official
Magical Attributes
Active Powers
Super Strength

High Resistance


Power Absorption

Thought Projection
Portrayed by
Todd Tucker

The Aggressor was a magical being conjured by Kevin, a male witch, through his power of Thought Projection to thwart his bullies, especially a bully named Kaz.

A low-level demon known only as Arnon told Kevin to create a superhero that could protect him from the people who tried to hurt him. Kevin projected himself into The Aggressor and went after Kaz and then later attacked the Charmed Ones.

When Kevin turned the Charmed Ones into The Protectors so they could defeat the Aggressor, Arnon forced him to create a stronger one and project it onto Arnon. This new Aggressor went out and killed an Elder, Ramus and he would also tear the sketch of the Charmed superheroes Kevin drew, stripping them of their super powers.

The Aggressor was ultimately destroyed after Paige Matthews orbed his boot, where he hid the sketch of himself, into her hand and tore the sketch.

Powers & Abilities[]

He had the power of:

  • Super-speed
  • Super-Strength
  • High Resistance
  • Adjusting
  • Power absorbtion