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The Ancient Burial Ground
4x13 AncientBurialGround
Location Information
Proper Name Ancient Burial Ground
Plane Unknown
Location Unknown
Relevance Location where The Hollow is stored
Appearance Charmed and Dangerous

The Ancient Burial Ground is a millennias old, neutral magical location accessible only by the strongest of magical beings. Almost four thousand years ago, the oldest, most powerful magical force in existence was captured in a mystical box and stored behind tightly sealed doors on the ancient burial ground.

Since then, for over thirty five hundred years, the site has been protected by an agent of both Good and Evil; agents known as The Guardians of the Hollow.

The Guardians of the Hollow

The Guardians were assigned to protect the spot


The Guardians

and guard the Hollow by both the forces of Good and Evil, agreeing that the ancient vapor was too dangerous to be unleashed ever again. The Guardians are an Angel and a Devil with vast magical powers who act together as one ensuring no magical being would ever access the burial ground and unleash the Hollow.

The Source of All Evil


The Source appears

However, in 2002, after a Seer foresaw the demise of The Source of All Evil, the Source himself travelled to the Ancient Burial Ground desperate for a way to defeat the Charmed Ones. In a burning fire on the ground, the Source appeared in flames as the Guardians rose from a game of chess they were playing demanding to know the reason he is on the forbidden grounds.

Trying to defend the Hollow


The Source opens the entrance to the Hollow

from being unleashed on the world, the Angel challenges The Source demanding that he leaves the burial ground at once; she was immediately destroyed by the Source. The Devil tried to prevent the Source from accessing the Hollow and opening the doors, but he was no match, the Source successfully retrieved the Hollow and had the Devil absorb it.

It is assumed that once the Hollow was recaptured by Phoebe Halliwell and the Seer it was returned to the Ancient Burial Ground.


  • It is unknown why exactly the burial ground was chosen to be the location to store the Hollow, however it could have been the battle ground where an epic defeat of either good or evil took place millennia ago.
  • In 2008, a witch known as Neena uses sand from the Burial Ground in a ritual to resurrect the Source of All Evil's essence.