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Sacred and Magical, the Attic is located within the walls of Halliwell Manor, owned by Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews, the Charmed Ones. In the Attic, the sisters keep the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows, the ancient magical tome containing countless pages of information regarding everything magical.

The sisters also store various objects and antiques that were once owned by their ancestors ranging from a sewing machine to a camera to an antique couch.

Quick Facts[]

Locations: Halliwell Manor
Address: 1329 Prescott Street
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States of America
Relevance: Location where the Book of Shadows is kept; summoning, conjuring, rituals & ceremonies are often performed here

Notable Events[]

Many notable events have transpired in the Attic of Halliwell Manor, these include but are not limited to the following:

Allen Halliwell is Killed[]


In 1967, Allen Halliwell, first husband of Penny Halliwell and grandfather of the Charmed Ones was attacked in the Attic by Robin, the evil lover of the warlock Nigel. Growing suspicious of Robin, Allen followed her to the Attic where he walked in on her casting a spell to allow evil to roam in the Manor. He confronted Robin asking how she could betray their dream but she told him the only dream she had was helping Nigel put Allen and all of the "weak creatures" out of their misery. She then created a Fire Ball blasting it at Allen killing him.

Altered Past where Piper and Phoebe Meet Allen[]


This event was altered when Paige Matthews accidentally travelled to the past and prevented Robin from killing Allen. Instead, when Allen found Robin in the Attic and confronted her, she created a fire ball and was about to launch it at Allen but Paige walked in. Robin threw the fire ball towards Paige but she managed to dive out of the way, as Allen tried to explain that violence wasn't the answer,


telling her to let love replace her fear and that he knows she felt their love. But Robin told him she still had the stink of love on her and created another fireball, but Paige distracted her and knocked over a can of marbles that fell to the floor, knocking Robin down. The fire ball then went into the air and fell atop of her, vanquishing her in a fiery blast, knocking Allen backwards to the floor. Piper and Phoebe who also travelled to the past walked in and met their grandfather. However, Allen was later killed by Nigel.

Penny and Patty Halliwell Discuss Binding the Sisters Powers[]


Shortly before her death in 1998, grandmother of the Charmed Ones, Penny Halliwell and her daughter Patty discussed binding the powers of Prue, Piper and Phoebe because Penny knew that she was sick and thought that the girls were not meant to live a life they did, battling demons and having to choose fighting evil over living their lives.

Patty questioned Penny asking her who were they to decide the destiny of the three young women, who were they to say they weren't meant to be witches but Penny argued who were they to say were meant to be witches and battle evil.

Penny Locks the Book of Shadows Away[]


After discussing her granddaughters destiny with Patty, Penny used her power of Telekinesis to move the Book of Shadows into a trunk and then she locked it away, hoping the sisters wouldn't find it. She then left the Attic, sealing the door and was going to proceed to bind her granddaughters powers but she suffered a heart attack while walking down the stairs and passed away.

Phoebe Summons the Power of Three[]


After Phoebe Halliwell moved back into Halliwell Manor, she and her sister Piper found their old Ouija board and when they asked it a question, it spelled out the word ATTIC. Determined to know why, Phoebe tried to get into the Attic but the door was locked.


She jiggled the door knob but it wouldn't open, she was about to walk away but then she heard the door creaking open.

She walked through the door and saw a crack of light shining onto the trunk Penny stored the Book of Shadows in. She opened the trunk and pulled out the Book.

Phoebe then opened the Book and found the Dominus Trinus, the spell to summon the Power of Three. She read the spell allowed and the chandelier in the foyer began to shake and they were imbued with their powers. Prue and Piper then came to the attic and Prue discovered the Book was a book of Witchcraft.

The Sisters Cast Their First Spell[]

After summoning their powers, Piper Halliwell's boyfriend, a Warlock attacked her, knowing that she and her sisters inherited their powers because Penny died. He took Piper to an abandoned warehouse where he tried to attack her but she managed to freeze him with her power of Molecular Immobilization and she escaped to the Manor.


She asked her sister Phoebe if their was anything in the Book about how to vanquish a Warlock and they rushed to the attic to cast a spell that they thought would vanquish Jeremy. They gathered around a table with a cauldron and made a poppet of wax, Piper placed a rose with thorns into the poppet and recited a spell while placing the wax figure in the cauldron. She completed the spell but Phoebe then had a premonition while they were cleaning up, seeing that Jeremy was on his way to the Manor.

The Sisters Vanquish Their First Warlock[]


Thinking Phoebe's premonition was wrong, Prue ran to the front door of the Manor and opened it to show them Jeremy wasn't there but he appeared and tried to attack the girls but Prue used her power of Telekinesis against him and she and her sisters ran to the Attic.

They put various objects against the door thinking it would stop Jeremy and proceeded towards the window of the Attic. Jeremy was able to telekinetically move the objects away from the door and burst through it. Piper then remember the enscription on their Spirit Board written by their mother, they recited the spell three times and Jeremy burst into oblivion.

The spell read:

The Power of Three,
will set us Free,
The Power of Three
will set us Free,
The Power of Three
will set us Free!

Prue Casts the Charm of Multiplicity[]

After Phoebe had a horrifying premonition of her sister Prue being killed, it was discovered that a Lord of War known as Gabrial Statler was after her, hellbent on capturing the power of the first born witch.


Searching the Book of Shadows, the sisters learned that Gabriel had been defeated by their ancestor, Brianna Warren, a powerful witch that was able to send the Lord's sword hundreds of miles away with her power of Telekinesis.

Knowing that she was not powerful enough to do that, Prue cast the Charm of Multiplicty found within the pages of the Book of Shadows in order to multiple her strength. Once cast however, two more Prues emerged from her body and they proceeded to battle Gabriel.

Although the two clones were killed, Prue and her sisters managed to destroy the evil being.

Piper Discovers Leo is a Whitelighter[]


While preparing to go on a vacation, the sisters were in the Attic when Leo Wyatt orbed in and fell to the floor, wounded by a Darklighter's poison tipped arrow. Leo and Phoebe then divulged to Prue and Piper that Leo was their Whitelighter, sent to protect and guide them against the evil threats. Piper then proceeded to cast a spell to Exchange Powers with Leo so that she could use his power of Healing to heal him of his wound.

At first Piper could not trigger the healing power, but then discovered it was her love for Leo that would activate the power. She told Leo she loved him and healed the wounds, saving his life.

Prue Transforms into a Man[]


When she and her sisters discovered that a Succubus was preying on men in the San Francisco area, Prue sat on the floor of the Attic with candles lit and the symbol of the Succubus on the floor. The Book laid aloft in front of her went her hands on her lap. She then cast a spell to attract and destroy the evil creature, which ultimately caused her to transform into a man.

The incantation read:

By the forces of Heaven and Hell,
Draw to us this woman fell.
Rend from her foul desire,
That she perish like a moth to fire.

The Charmed Sisters Discover Scrying[]

In 1999, after the release of a powerful evil witch known as Tuatha, the Halliwell sisters searched for a way to find her and the one chosen to use her wand against her, to vanquish her. The found an entry in the Book of Shadows explaining a magical practice known as Scrying, which allows a person to magically locate a person or object by placing a quartz crystal over a map and naming what it is they wish to find. They then used the practice to locate the evil witch.

Dantalian Steals the Book of Shadows[]


A powerful Dark Priestess known as Dantalian was able to capture Prue with the help of a warlock known as Zile and she married the two in a dark binding ceremony polluting Prue and her sisters with Dark Magic. The Dark Magic travelled through Piper and Phoebe, turning them into Warlocks and spread to the Book of Shadows, rendering it evil as well.


Dantalian then travelled to the Manor where she was able to steal the Book of Shadows.

During the attempt however, Piper and Phoebe caught the evil priestess and Piper used her new warlock power to literally freeze the priestess' hand and then she and her sisters smashed it. But Leo appeared and interrupted the sisters and Dantalian was able to escape with the Book. She then returned to her lair to awaken Prue from a slumber that turned her evil.

The Charmed Ones Perform Their First Seance[]


Searching for answers after being attacked by a Feline-Familiar Warlock, the sisters sought to perform a seance, a ceremony to contact the dead. With Frankincense burning and candles lit, the Charmed Ones sat in a circle and summoned the spirit of Ariel, the woman who once owned the warlock when he was a cat.

Ariel revealed to them what the warlock was, explaining that when a witch's Familiar betrays her, it will turn into a warlock capable of gaining Immortality if it sheds it's nine previous lives.

The sisters then discovered they could vanquish the warlock by freezing it in the moment it feels pain upon death and magnify it with a spell and potion, vanquishing him forever.

Prue Becomes a Siberian Husky[]


Learning that a Banshee was terrorizing those in emotional distress around San Francisco, the sisters found an entry in the Book of Shadows containing a spell to track a Banshee. Not knowing how it would affect them, the sisters decided to cast the spell on Prue. In the Attic, Prue stood in a circle of candles as Piper and Phoebe cast the spell. Bright lights surrounded Prue and she transformed into a white Siberian Husky, because dogs are the only beings that can hear the high pitched cry of the Banshee.

Phoebe is Transformed into a Banshee[]


After saving a young girl from the Banshee and having Prue run off trying to track the Banshee, Phoebe went to the Attic where she flipped through the Book of Shadows for something that could help them but Phoebe stopped on the Belthazor page and began to weep. The Attic began to shake and the Banshee burst through the window, knocking Phoebe to the floor.

The demon shrieked loudly at Phoebe, and Piper and Leo came running in and Piper vanquished the Banshee with her power of Combustion. But it was too late for Phoebe, she transformed into a Banshee, rose from the ground and shrieked before jumping out the window.

Piper and Phoebe Learn They Have a Half-Sister[]


After Phoebe had a vision of a woman being attacked by the demon Shax, Piper wanted to know who the woman was and what her grandmother meant when she told them their destiny still awaits. She proceeded to the Attic with Phoebe and Leo and summoned Penny demanding to know what was going on. She told them she was sworn to secrecy and when they asked by how,


their mother Patty appeared and told them by her.

Penny and Patty then explained that Patty had a child with her Whitelighter, Sam Wilder and that they had a daughter, Paige, who they gave up at birth. They took the baby to a Cathedral where they gave her to Sister Agnes and asked her to protect the baby. They had only one request, that the child has a 'P' name.

Inspector Cortez and Darryl Morris then walked in and discovered the spirits; Phoebe and Penny then cast a spell sending him to Timbuktu.

Shax is Vanquished[]


After Prue's death, Phoebe had a vision of the young woman being attacked by the same demon that killed Prue, Shax, and she and Cole Turner proceeded to track down Paige and save her from the demon.

She then arrived at the Manor where she shook hands with Piper, causing the chandelier in the foyer to shake, showing that the Power of Three has been reconstituted. Shax then burst through the door and the three women ran to the Attic, where they stood by the Book and flipped ts pages to the Shax entry.

Piper and Phoebe told Paige to recite the spell with them as Shax burst through the Attic door. Upon completion of the spell, Shax burst into oblivion.

Paige Matthews Meets her Mother[]


After vanquishing Shax, Paige ran off, but the sisters tracked her down to help her understand she was a witch but her boyfriend, Shane was possessed by the Source of All Evil and tried to persuade Paige to use her powers for evil. Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Cole were able to get to Paige in time, saving her from the Source. Afterwhich, Piper and Phoebe brought Paige to the Attic and introduced her to her mother, Patty. The two embraced as Piper and Phoebe stood watching.

Belthazor is Destroyed[]


When a young woman known as Emma sought vengeance on the killer of her lover, it led the Charmed Ones to her. Emma was convinced it was a demon known as Sykes but when Sykes attacked, Cole transformed into the demon Belthazor and she realized it was him that killed her lover, not Sykes. However, Sykes proceeded to attack Belthazor in the Attic of the Manor, where the sisters had a power stripping potion that was to be used on Cole.

During the battle, Emma arrived and took the potion, and when Skyes was eliminated, she threw the potion at Belthazor, destroying him once and for all, leaving only Cole behind.

Phoebe Halliwell is Severely Wounded[]


In a final attempt to eliminate the Charmed Ones, the Source of All Evil plotted to use the Hollow to absorb enough power to take on the Power of Three. He unearthed the Hollow and transferred it into a Guardian of the Hollow, known as the Devil, and sent him to attack the sisters.

The sisters were in the Attic when the Devil appeared, he attempted to attack Piper but she used her power of Combustion against him, allowing the Hollow within to absorb the power. Seeing that Piper was defenseless, Phoebe tried to thwart the demon but he blasted her back into a mirror that smashed upon impact leaving a large shard of glass in her spine. Piper vanquished the Devil and the Hollow vanished but then Phoebe fell to the floor, near death, from the severe injury. Piper called Leo however, and he was able to heal her before she died.

The Source of All Evil is Destroyed[]


Thinking her had enough power after capturing the Charmed Ones powers, the Source proceeded to Halliwell Manor and attacked the sisters. Although he blasted Piper into a wall in the foyer, the sisters managed to escape to the Attic where they trapped the Source in a Crystal Cage. However, informed of what the Source planned, the Seer tricked Cole into absorbing the Hollow and go to the Attic to protect the sisters. The Source broke through the cage's shield by using Paige's Telekinetic Orbing power and was about to lauch a Fire Ball at the sisters but Cole arrived shielding the sisters, allowing him to absorb the Source's power. Cole then blasted the Source with a large Fire Ball, destroying him.

Piper Halliwell is Attacked[]


After two spirits, Rick and Nathan Lang, sought vengeance on those responsible for their death, they set their sights on Leo Wyatt, blaming for for their death in World War II. The attacked at Halliwell Manor while Piper was in the Attic and one of the brothers reached his hand in her chest and crushed her heart; an attack that almost killed her. Piper Halliwell lay dying on the Attic floor but Leo appeared and was able to heal her.

Barbas is Vanquished[]


Although defeated by the Charmed Ones before, the Demon of Fear, known as Barbas was able to break free from his bonds in hell and projected to Cole, Phoebe and her sisters using an acquired ability of Astral Projection, causing Paige to create a power stripping potion to remove the powers Cole acquired from the Demonic Wasteland. Although he was hesitant to drink it, Cole projected to him and told him to drink it. Cole drank the potion, after which, Barbas absorbed his powers and became corporeal, he then proceeded to attack the sisters.

Realizing the only option was to disempower Barbas by returning the powers to Cole, the sisters created the power stripping potion and called forth Barbas to the Attic. They first trapped him in a Crysta Cage but he managed to break free from it, knocking the potion from the sisters' hands onto the floor. But when they thought all was lost, Piper told Paige that she could vanquish Barbas, like Prue did and she orbed the potion from the floor nto Barbas' mouth, vanquishing him in a fiery blast.

Bacarra Kills Paige and Phoebe[]


Travelling back in time from the future through a time ripple created when Phoebe saved a man destined to die known as Miles, Bacarra was able to join forces with his past self to steal the Book of Shadows in order to disempower the Charmed Ones and absorb their powers.


Working together, they were able to penetrate the Book's shield and they stole the Book from the Attic. They then proceeded to capture the heart of a human in order to make a disempowering potion. With the potion complete, the sisters powers were removed.


Bacarra then proceeded to the Attic where the sisters, powerless, were defenseless against the evil being. He then blasted a fire ball at Paige destroying her, turning her into nothing more than a pile of ash. He fired at Phoebe, destroying her as well. Piper barely escaped had it not been for Leo who orbed in just and time and orbed away with Piper.

Piper realized she had to find the time ripple and she travelled back in time where she warned her past self to ensure Phoebe let Miles die. The plan succeeded and Phoebe and Paige were unharmed.

Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell's Wiccanings[]

After the birth of her son Wyatt, Piper summoned the spirit of her grandmother Penny in order for her to perform a magical blessing on Wyatt known as a Wicanning. Penny arrived from the Afterlife and corporealized asking the sister if they vanquished the Neromancer, the ghost of a demon who was vanquished that feeds on the souls of the magial dead. Piper didn't, so she, Paige and Penny created a potion and proceeded to vanquish the spirit. However, a demon servant known as Skreek resurrected the Necromancer, and he went after Penny, his former lover.


Once captured, the Necromancer tried to persuade Penny to summon the spirits of the Halliwell Matriarchs in order fo him to feed off of and resurrect himself for good. Penny refused but the Necromancer first her into doing it. However, when the two materializing in the Attic of the Manor, Paige cast a Truth Spell, causing Penny to reveal her love for her family is greater than they love felt for the demon and she banished him.

After vanquished, the Charmed One set up for Wyatt's Wiccaning and Penny stood before the Book of Shadows reciting the spell to summon the Matriarchs of the Halliwell family and they bestowed their knowledge and wisdom upon the child to instill him good magic and magical protection.

A year and a half later, after giving birth to her second son, Christopher Halliwell, Piper summoned Penny again, asking her to perform another Wiccaning. However, when Penny arrived she saw that Wyatt and Chris were not getting along and she cast a spell that accidently caused the Charmed Ones to regain a child-like mentality. At the same time, Wyatt conjured a demonic form of Leo that began attacking. However, Penny then summoned Patty, the sisters' mother and she suggested that just as Piper had night terrors as a girl, brought to life after Victor left, Wyatt had done the same thing, he conjured a demonic Leo with his subconscious mind.


Leo agreed, thinking that Wyatt blamed him; if he hadn't killed Gideon, he wouldn't be so lost. After the demonic Leo took Wyatt, Leo and Piper orbed to where Gideon was killed and found Wyatt and demonic Leo there, along with several demons. They vanquished the demons and convinced Wyatt to forgive Leo. Wyatt did as they asked and forgave Leo, vanquishing the demon. Penny then performed the Wiccaning for Chris with Patty, Victor, the sisters and all of the Halliwell Matriarchs present.

Phoebe Halliwell is Vanquished[]


Phoebe's soul


An ambitious demonic Sorceress known as Imara was able to cast a powerful spell that allowed her to swap souls with Phoebe, transferring Phoebe's soul into Imara's body and Imara's soul into Phoebe body. Within Phoebe's body, Imara was obsessed with her beauty and managed to trick Piper and Paige into finding and vanquishing demons that worked for the demon Zankou.

In Imara's body, Phoebe managed to trick Imara's minions that the Charmed Ones reversed the magic and that she was really Imara. The demon Lantos then went to Halliwell Manor to see if it was the truth, and in Phoebe's body, Imara told him that the witch was lying. But then Piper headed toward the Attic and Imara needed to cover so she called Piper to vanquish Lantos. After which, she went to the Book of Shadows and found the Imara entry and explained she was the demon after them.

The remaining guard in Imara's lair released her but Piper, Paige and Imara appeared and then Imara tricked the sisters again, into vanquishing Phoebe. Upon vanquish, the sisters saw Phoebe's soul emerge as a white spirit. They proceeded back to the Attic where they discovered the mistake they then figured out a way to vanquish Imara and called Phoebe's soul back into her own body.

Zankou Captures the Book of Shadows[]


The powerful demon Zankou devised a plot to weaken the sisters and their belief in their powers so that he could acquire the Book of Shadows. The plot required working with a Demonic Alchemist in order to bring back victims that the Charmed Ones could not save, turning them into Zombies and sending them after the sisters. Zankou made the sisters believe that the innocents were killed merely for knowing them, causing the sisters to begin to doubt their powers, lowing their belief in the Power of Three and what they were meant to do.

Weakened, Zankou appeared in the Attic where he was able to penetrate through the Book of Shadows' protective shield but the sisters returned and he teleported out. But then when they were preoccupied by the the zombies, he returned and captured the Book. Now Zankou had the ability to create the potion to separate a witch from her powers and he stole Phoebe and Piper's powers.

Inspector Sheridan is Killed[]


After suspecting the sisters were involved in supernatural and illegal activities, Inspector Sheridan, working for Homeland Security, proceeded to enter Halliwell Manor in search of the sisters but the demon Zankou was in the house. She searched the house and then made her way to the Attic where Zankou was standing. The demon asked her who she was and when she told him, he blasted her with an energy ball, killing her.

Billie and Christy Jenkins Attempt to Kill the Charmed Ones[]


After the demon Dumain and the Triad devised an insidious plot to persuade Billie Jenkins to turn against the Charmed Ones, Dumain proceeded to use magic that had been previously used on the sisters to influence the them again causing them to turn their backs on the Magical Community. After using a Witch Doctor's hex Paige, the Sin of Lust on Phoebe and Penny's ring on Piper, the three sisters became obsessed with their own desires.

Seeing that the Charmed were were infected, Dumain sent demons to attack the Magical Community that had gathered with the Leprechauns in the Green Meadow, killing many of them. A Leprechaun, Andrew O'Brian, travelled to Paige for help, but she was preoccupied by meditating and used her power to orb him below, into the water; the hex was then broken. A Wood Nymph went to Phoebe, but she was preoccupied with Coop and the Nymph ended up being destroyed by a demon; the sin then left her body. A Fairy went to Piper for help, but was obsessed with cleaning and a demon appeared, killing the Fairy; Piper then vacuumed up the Fairy's remain and the spell was broken.

Realizing what they did, the sisters proceeded to the Attic where the Magical Community was waiting with Billie and her sister Christy. The sisters tried to explain what had happened, that they were influenece by spells, but Andrew wouldn't hear of it. Billie and Christy emerged and told them they had to be stopped, Christy used her power to create a fire ball and Billie magnified it with her Projection power; they then prepared to blast it at the sisters, but the three women managed to grab the Book of Shadows and orbed out of the Attic before the Fire Ball blasted their way through the window.

Vanquishing of Evil Threats[]

Most often, attacks by Demons, Warlocks and other evil beings end in the Attic, and the Charmed Ones regularily summon and vanquish evil creatures here. The Demons and Evil threats destroyed in the Attic include:

  • Jeremy Burns
  • Kali
  • Nicholas
  • Troxa
  • The Banshee
  • Shax
  • Sykes
  • Belthazor
  • The Devil
  • The Source of All Evil
  • Lazarus Demon
  • Barbas
  • Kazi Demon
  • Creeper Demon
  • The Necromancer
  • Bosk
  • Darklighters
  • Lantos
  • The Noxon Demons(temporarily)


  • The set used as the Attic is the same one seen in the film Practical Magic, which coincidental was also about sister witches.
  • When a Kazi Demon attacked the sisters in the Attic, Piper accidentally blasted a sofa that was referred to as Aunt Pearl's couch; Pearl may refer to Phoebe's past life Pearl Russell.[1]
  • Paige keeps a trunk of her old clothing that she wore when she was younger in the Attic.[2]
  • Various potion ingredients, vials and other materials used for potions are kept in the Attic.
  • The Halliwell Family Tree is kept in the Attic as are many personal belongings that once belonged to Grams, most of which have been cursed to take a person back to the 1960's if they put them on; in fact, Paige found a pair of Go-Go boots that belonged to Grams that transported her back to the 1960's where she met a young Penny and Allen Halliwell.[3][4]
  • Prue and her sisters kept their childhood toys in the attic so that they could give them to their future children.[5]
  • It has been said that the Book of Shadows and the stand to which it is kept is directly over the crack in the basement that released the Shadow from within the Nexus.
  • Patty and Penny kept a pet rock, black light, 8-track tapes and a type writer in the Attic that the sisters got rid of when they moved back into the Manor.[6]


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