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The Demonatrix, Phoebe poses as one of their ranks in the background

Deadly female assassin demons found under the employ of higher level evil beings, The Demonatrix track down and dispose of other lesser evil beings. The assassins can be identified by their blond hair and the tye of Throwing Star that they use to kill a victim.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Demons
Classification: Assassins
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue or Green
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Throwing Stars, Teleportation


When Paige Matthews created a perfect man with a potion, who she called Vincent Right', not only did it create the ideal man but it create an ideal demon with the exact same characteristics as the perfect man but he was pure evil, referred to as Vincent Wrong. Vincent hired the Demonatrix to hunt and take down various demons he considered a threat.

The Smoker Demons and Encounter with the Charmed Ones[]

Vincent hired the Demonatrix to track down mysterious demons that surface when the planet Mercury is in retrograde known as the Smoker Demons. These demons come into existence in the form of smoke and attack beings on sacred grounds.

Curious to learn why various demons were being attacked, Paige researched many species of demons that include the Smoker Demons. She and Phoebe tracked down the Smoker Demons to a Cathedral where the two demons were set to attack a priest but both the Demonatrix and Phoebe and Piper showed up. The Demonatrix attempted to conquer the Charmed Ones by throwing their throwing stars at them, but the sisters thwarted the Demonatrix, successfully eliminating some of them, but the other retreated back to Vincent's lair in the Underworld.

After returning to the lair, Vincent cast a spell that caused a Demonatrix to age in time, turning into nothing but a pile of dust.

Capturing Paige[]

Vincent Wrong captured Paige and persuaded her to bring Piper to him so that he could kill both Piper and Paige. Paige lured Piper into Vincent's lair where the Demonatrix were and Vincent ordered the demons not to kill Paige only her sisters.

Phoebe Poses as a Demonatrix[]


In order to vanquish the Demonatrix and Vincent Wrong and save Paige and Piper, Phoebe Vincent Right created a potion and the plan required that Phoebe pose as one of the demonic assassins to get close enough to vanquish the evil beings. Piper and Phoebe, with the help of Leo and Christopher, were able to save Paige and vanquish the Demonatrix with their own throwing stars and Piper's power of Molecular Combustion.