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Although wishes seem simple and most people think they can simply wish for something and get it without any ramifications and at no cost, Wishing takes skill and proper wording. The Montana's Book of Wishes is a book owned by the Montana family of Witches that contains properly worded wishes that can be made if ever encountered by a Genie and offered three wishes.

Richard Montana Searches for the Book[]

When Phoebe Halliwell was tricked into releasing a demon who was cursed into a bottle as a Genie, known as Jinny, she was in turn transformed into a Genie. When Jinny tried to capture the bottle and wish for Phoebe to bring forth the lost city of Zanbar, Richard Montana acquired the bottle and sought to use his family's Book of Wishes to make a proper wish for Phoebe to grant him.

After acquiring the bottle at Halliwell Manor he returned to his home and searched for the Book. He found it in his family's magical ingredient room in the Montana estate but before he could use it, Paige Matthews prevented him from making a wish.