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The Phoenix Witches
Phoenix Bianca
Bianca, the most notable Phoenix Witch
General Information
Species Witches
Classification Assassins
Alignment Neutral - target Good or Evil
Distinction Red Phoenix Birthmark
Active Powers

Fire Ball Throwing


Spell Casting


Notable Phoenix Witches
Bianca & Lynn

Powerful, elite magical assassins, the Phoenix Witches are a family of witches descended from the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts over three centuries ago. They will hunt down, capture or kill anyone they are hired to if the price is right.

Born with vengeance in their hearts due to their treatment in the late seventeenth century,

Bianca Phoenix

The birthmark

they possess a distinctive birthmark of a red Phoenix with its wings spread high signifying their rise from the ashes in Salem. They are skilled in the magical and martial arts and most possess the powers of Shimmering, Reconstitution and Fire Ball Throwing; the Phoenix Witches also have the typical Wiccan powers of Spell Casting, Potion Making and Conjuring.

Christopher Halliwell's Engagement to a Phoenix[]

In an Alternate Timeline where Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt's son Wyatt was Leader of All Evil, Wyatt had ordered a Phoenix Witch to capture and kill Christopher Halliwell for trying to stop Wyatt's evil.


Wyatt ordered the Phoenix Bianca to go after Christopher and kill him; but when the two had met, they fell in love with eachother. The two then concocted a plot for Christopher to travel back in time to prevent Wyatt from turning to the dark side. Just before traveling to the past, Christopher proposed to Bianca at the San Francisco Palace of the Arts; she agreed but on one condition - he return to her safely.

Encounter with the Charmed Ones[]

The Book of Shadows[]

In the Halliwell's Book of Shadows, there is a short entry explaining the nature of the Phoenix illustrated with an image of the Phoenix birthmark that all members of the family bear. The entry reads thus:

Phoenix BOS

Descended from the Witch Trials with
vengeance in their hearts, the Phoenix are a
family of assassin witches who are very elite,
very powerful and who are born with the
distinctive birthmark of the Phoenix,
symbolizing their rise from Salem's ashes.
They have no allegiances other than to their
own vengeance and they will seek out and kill
any bounty they're hired to hunt down.