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Created by the unification of a red and blue spherical orb representing Good and Evil, the Sphaera of Light and Dark formed when a powerful evil witch, known as Neena, combined the two orbs.

Hoping to unite the Underworld and the Heavens thus creating a new world, Neena acquired the ability to orb into the Elders' realm, the Heavens, and she went into a sealed vault where she took the two orbs of Good and Evil.

With the two spherical orbs in her possession, Neena recited a Latin incantation the unified the spheres creating the Sphaera.

Unification Spell[]

The spell Neena used to unify the two spheres into one read thus:



Before Neena was able to create the world, the sphaera was divided by The Charmed Ones and their ancestors, the Warren witches along with the Elders and a sword that Leo Wyatt acquired from the Vault.