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The van Lewen Estate
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Owner Information
Previous Gilbert and Martha van Lewen
Current Alexandra van Lewen
Resident Information
Martha van Lewen & her husbandGilbert, Alexandra & Matthew van Lewen
Alexandra & Matthew van Lewen

Elias Lundy's spirit was banished here
Elias Lundy was killed in the back yard
Gilbert van Lewen was killed here
Martha van Lewen committed suicide here to save her grandchild Matthew

An extremely large brick home located in San Francisco, California, the van Lewen Estate is the former home of the successful Martha van Lewen and her husband. Martha lived in the home with her son Gilbert and his wife Alexandra as well as her grandson Matthew van Lewen.

Elias' Murder[]

Gilbert is Murdered[]

Elias is Confined to the House[]

Elias Holds Martha Hostage[]

Martha Commits Suicide[]

Elias is Banished[]