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Powerful enough to take down ten demons in one shot, Thermal Blasts are bursts of increased heat energy that appear as fiery strikes fired from the bestowed's hand. It is a rare power possessed by the Mercury breed of demons.

Drake de Mon[]

A reformed Mercury Demon, Drake de Mon bargained with a Demonic Sorcerer as well as Cole Turner to offer him humanity for one year before moving on to the Afterlife. Although given the humanity that he sought, Drake was allowed to maintain his demonic powers which included the power to fire Thermal Blasts. The two conditions of the agreement were that he could not use his powers for evil or else the Sorcerer would be able to steal them and that he had to help Phoebe Halliwell open up her heart to love again.

Although Drake managed to cease using his powers for evil, four weeks prior to vanishing into the Afterlife, Drake approached Paige Matthews in Magic School requesting the opportunity to teach as a Literature and Arts professor. Paige, acting as Headmistress of the school and the librarian, Ms. Donavon were hesitant to give him the job when he revealed his demonic nature so Drake persisted, travelling to Halliwell Manor where he proved he was good by touching the Book of Shadows.

He then met Phoebe Halliwell and the two hit it off immediately but then a Sorcerer appeared intent on having Drake use his powers for evil so that he could steal them. He cast a spell causing Drake to maintain an identity of Robin Hood. When Drake learned that an owner of a telephone company named Norman was increasing prices for his clients, Drake proceeded to the man's office in order to convince him to reduce the prices. But then the Sorcerer emerged again and Drake launched a Thermal Blast toward Norman, knocking him from the window, afterwhich, Drake transformed into his former demonic self and perished in flames as the sorcerer watched. However, the destruction was feigned and Drake later reemerged as the good demon that he was. Drake then continued his mission set forth by Cole, to convince Phoebe to open her heart to love, and in the process, the two fell in love.

Drake and Phoebe then shared a kiss goodbye in Magic School moments before he vanished into the Afterlife, But just as walked away from Phoebe, the doors to the Great Hall of the school closed and Drake transformed into a spirit, Cole appeared to him, thanking him for his cooperation. Drake then disappeared into his Afterlife.


  • The half-human, half-demon known as Sirk displayed a similar power to Thernal Blasts but were less powerful and manifested in the form that the power of Fire Throwing did.