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A lesser magical power that allows a magical being mentally create heat and warm objects and beings, Thermokinesis is activated by raising ones hand at the intended target, causing it to heat up. The power can also be by staring or squinting ones eyes at the target.


A young witch, Aviva, who fell victim to Kali, a Demonic Sorceress cursed into her own dimension, displayed the ability of Thermokinesis while imbued with the power by Kali. She sought out Phoebe Halliwell and showed her the power, having Kali to transfer it to Phoebe. Aviva told Phoebe to hold her finger next to a flowering plant and her finger glowed, heating the plant, causing it to bloom. Aviva described it to Phoebe as her finger acting like the sun.

Aviva displayed the power again when she was angered by Prue Halliwell causing the videotape she was holding to heat up and melt in her hand, causing it to smoke as Prue dropped the tape to the floor, feeling how hot it became.

Leo Wyatt[]

Whitelighter to the Charmed Ones, Leo Wyatt displayed the power of Heating when he was talking to Phoebe and noticed that her drink was cold. He held her hand to the cup and caused it to heat up, and steam then arose showing the beverage was warmed.