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Thorn Demons are low-level demons with the powers of: Thorn Spitting (female only), Fire Balls (male only) and Shimmering.

Physical Appearance[]

The males wear sleeve-less black tops and black leather pants. The men also have black tribal markings on there face and arms. The females wear the same clothing and had identical markings.

Personality and Traits[]

The Thorn Demons do not attack random. From the look of the attack, it was carefully planned out; even though they failed to kill the innocent and were vanquished. They also were violent (like all demons) but never gave up until they either achieved there goal or were vanquished.

Piper and Paige's Encounter[]

Piper and Paige were looking for a paragon of good to protect from The Thorn Demons. As the Innocent came down the alley, she started talking to Piper and Paige handing them flyers. Piper said "Ohh for god sakes" and froze her. The moment Piper froze the Innocent and Male Thorn Demon shimmered in; before he could attack Piper blew him up. 2 more Male Demons shimmered in a threw Fire Balls at the 3 of them. Piper pushed down the Innocent and herself to avoid the on coming attack. Paige orbed a metal pipe by saying "Ugly, Metal Thing," and had it fly towards the 2 Demons, impaling and vanquishing them. Then The Female Thorn Demon spat half a dozen thorns (one hitting Piper), moments after Piper blew her up. Later on in the day, the toxin from the Thorn had gotten into Piper's system and put her in a coma. She was sent to the Cosmic Void where Cole was waiting for her. Wyatt had healed Piper, put she still did not come out of the coma due to her heart being broken by Leo leaving. Paige and Phoebe were able to bring Leo back from The Elders, which healed Piper's broken heart. Seconds later, she came out of her coma.


  • Cole Turner enlisted the help of several Thorn demons to infect Piper so that she would fall into a coma and be eventually stuck in his Cosmic Void (The Seven Year Witch)


The Thorn Demons appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 7
The Seven Year Witch