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Timothy McBride ( - 2001) was a warlock and the antagonist of the Charmed novel, Mirror Image. He caused discord among the Charmed Ones and befriended Paige Matthews to gain her trust.


1904 Murders

During the time of Agnes Bowen, the Warren family became aware of a warlock who was murdering innocents in San Francisco, and narrowed it down to one suspect—Timothy McBride. However, Agnes claimed that he was her long-lost brother, and protected him from the rest of the family as long as she could, and as a result, was alienated from them.

Identity Exposed

Eventually, she realized her mistake: while trying to locate a sister through an enchanted mirror, Timothy happened to pass by the mirror and, though his appearance was pleasant and handsome, Agnes saw his true monstrous form in reflection. Despite confessing to the family about her error, she still refused to reveal his whereabouts and then confronted him herself. However, Timothy had become dangerously powerful by drawing power from the numerous murders he committed. Agnes managed to win by casting a vanquishing spell at his true form—his reflection—which caused his physical being to be banished into the mirror, but the injuries she sustained proved fatal.

Freedom and Return to Power

97 years later, when the remains of his victims were unearthed, the spell that kept Timothy imprisoned in the mirror weakened, allowing him to manifest a water image of himself in the open world. He started projecting a thick fog around San Francisco, using his projection to kill innocents to rebuild his strength. Careful with his tracks, he chose victims who roamed alone at night: Gretchen Winter, Sharlene Wells, Julia Tilton, and Rosa Porfiro. With every kill, Timothy grew more powerful and he murdered a woman in her house in broad daylight: Karen Nakamura.

He infiltrated the manor at night and put a spell on the sisters to make them distrust one another. Later on, Timothy approached Paige, flirted with her and told her that he was a witch to gain her trust. As time passed, he persuaded her to find the mirror that kept him imprisoned by persuading her that her sisters believed her to be the enemy, then lured her to Golden Gate Park and destroyed it, freeing his physical form. He then attempted to murder another innocent, however, the Charmed Ones were able to stop him with Paige by casting the spell that permanently vanquished him.