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Although never seen, the spell '"To Create Money'" existed within the pages of the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows in an alternate timeline in the year 2009. After travelling to 2009 to learn the reason Phoebe Halliwell was imprisoned and burned alive, Prue Halliwell saw the spell in the Book and commented how it was a new spell obviously created for personal gain. Along with the spell to Erase a Memory, other new spells existed as well - To Bind, To Create Money, To Bend Someone's Will, A Glamour to Change One's Appearance, To Create a Door, and To Discourage a Lover.

The Spell[]

Words of this spell are unknown.
”Some people think this could be the spell.”

“Riches be our true ambition” “Help us in our acquisition” “Land of milk and land of honey” “Lavish us with others money”