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The spell in the Book

An entry in the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows, To Exchange a Power is a powerful spell that allows two or more magical beings to switch magical powers or abilities. The entry is a variation of another spell found in the Book entitled "To Exchange Powers" which acts in the same way but contains a longer spell.

Piper and Phoebe Halliwell Cast the Spell[]

After receiving a vision of Utopia from a demonic Seer known as Kyra that showed Phoebe Halliwell what could be if she and her sisters Piper and Paige cooperated with the Avatars, Phoebe wanted to share the vision with Piper.[1] Thinking it was the only way to get Piper to possibly entertain talking to the Avatars, Phoebe suggested to Piper that they exchange powers so she could receive the vision and see what Kyra showed her.

The two sisters went to the Attic of the Manor where they flipped the pages of the Book to the spell to exchange powers. But as they recited the spell, the demon [{Zankou]] appeared and although the powers emerged from their bodies, they didn't have a chance to travel into one another bodies and Zankou blasted two energy balls at the sisters, but they ducked out of the way, and the two powers were knocked outside the window into the neighbors.

In the end however, the sisters were able to find the two neighbors and convinced them to give them their powers back.

Billie Jenkins Adjusts the Spell[]

In order to assist the Charmed Ones when they were trapped within the magical replica dollhouse of Halliwell Manor by three demons known as Pilar, Patra and Phoenix[2], the sisters' friend Billie Jenkins did as Piper Halliwell told her to and used the spell to Exchange Power, improvising to release them from the house. Billie replaced the words "powers" with "bodies", causing the three demons to switch places with Piper, Phoebe and Paige, thus releasing the three Charmed Ones from the dollhouse leaving the demons trapped in it.

The Spell[]

The spell reads thus:

What's mine is yours,

What's yours is mine,

Let our powers cross the line

I offer up my gift to share,

Switch our powers through the air.

What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
I offer up
my gift to share,
Switch our powers
through the air.

Billie's Adjusted Spell[]

The spell that Billie cast to save the Charmed Ones from the dollhouse reads thus:

What’s theirs is yours,
What’s yours is theirs.
I offer up this gift to share,
Switch the bodies through the air.


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