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One of the many spells incorporated into the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows, To Unbind a Bond allows the witch or witches who cast the spell to travel back to a moment in time where an agreement or pact that shouldn't have been made was established, giving them an opportunity to prevent the agreement from being made.

Brief Background[]

After the warlock Nicholas arrived at the door of Halliwell Manor posing as an older man delivering flowers for Penny Halliwell, Piper answered the door and Nicholas attempted to hand her the flowers but then purposely dropped them and Piper froze the scene in order to spare the clean up. But just as Piper froze him, the clock began chiming 12 times because it was noon. Piper grabbed the flowers and then unfroze the scene allowing only 5 chimes to be heard by Nicholas, who then realized Piper froze him and that she and her sisters finally acquired the powers that Penny bound years ago. Nicholas transformed into his younger self and attacked the sisters with his power of Thermovariance causing their blood to begin to boil. Phoebe was able to kick Nicholas distracting him as she and her sisters ran up to the Attic in search of a way to combat Nicholas. Phoebe located a spell, to Unbind a Bond; with no other resort, she cast the spell and she and her sisters arrived in 1975 in the exact same spot they were in 1999.

The Spell[]

The bond which was not to be done
Give us the power to see it undone
And turn back time
To whence it was begun