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The ability to follow magical beings across different dimensions, Tracing is highly valuable in the magical world and the demonic beings known as Tracer Demons are prized as mercenaries amongst evil beings for the ability. Although it is similar to the powers of Sensing and methods of Teleportation, Tracing is unique in the regard that it's interdimensional.

Tracer Demons[]

Powerful and cunning, Tracer Demons are often hired by Upper-Level demons to use the ability of Tracing to follow and capture magical beings that travel through dimensions. Tracers were once hired by a higher-level demon who sought to impress the leaders of the Underworld in order to gain power and glory; the task was to find, capture and annihiliate Sandmen in order to destroy human's ability to dream which would inturn cause them to be unable to work out personal issues subconsciously leaving them angry and frustrated, expressing their fury amongst society bringing about chaos in the world.

In the end however, a Tracer turned on the Upper-Level demon and killed him but he too was soon vanquished by the Charmed Ones.