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A magical gift that allows the bestowed to transform into inanimate objects , Transmogrification is an uncommon power in the magical world but is similar to the common ability known as Shapeshifting.

Transmogrification can also be directed toward other beings, in which the bestowed can transform the person into an object.


Stealing the power from a young witch across the pond, Eames was a power-hungry warlock that collected various powers by killing witches all over the world. He collected the power of Transmogrification from one of those witches.

When he encountered the Halliwell sisters in 2001, he used the power to transmogrify himself into a Darklighter's crossbow by tricking the sisters with a clone of himself. Using his Cloning power, he lured the sisters and as he took the form of the crossbow, he had his clone hold him. The sisters knocked the crossbow from the clone's hand and retreated, leaving Eames as the crossbow behind. The sisters picked up the crossbow and returned to Halliwell Manor.

At the Manor, the sisters gave the cross to a Whitelighter, Natalie, and they discussed what happened, thinking it was a little bit too easy, Natalie expressed her concern. And the crossbow transformed back into Eames and he grabbed Natalie, stabbing her in the back and dematerializing with her. He then killed her and stole her power to orb to the Heavens, where the sisters were waiting for him. The three sisters successfully destroyed the warlock when he orbed to the Heavens in search of Whitelighters to kill.

Cole Turner[]


Cole transmogrifies Darryl

When Cole Turner returned from the Demonic Wasteland after being vanquished by the Charmed Ones, he displayed the power of Transmogrification when he appeared as Phoebe Halliwell was trying to push her divorce from Cole through the system. Accompanying Phoebe was Darryl Morris, who when Cole was trying to talk to Phoebe interrupted, to which Cole used the power on him, turning him into a water dispenser. After Phoebe stormed off, Cole returned Darryl to his regular self.