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Unnatural Resources1

The main cover created by David Seidman

Unnatural Resources is the fifth and final comic book of Volume 1 in the Charmed Comics series written by Paul Ruditis and published by Zenescope Entertainment.

Writing and Design[]

Covers: David Seidman & Al Rio
Creator: Paul Ruditis
Writer: Paul Ruditis
Artist: Marcio Abreu
Colorist: John Hunt
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Date of Release: January 19th, 2011

Quick Summary[]

The Charmed Ones face off against an ancient evil with an army of minions that present Piper, Phoebe, and Paige with their greatest challenge ever. These forces of evil are bent on destruction, tearing apart the Halliwell family, and possibly keeping Piper from ever opening her restaurant.[1]

Alternate Covers[]

In addition to the main cover of the comic book, two alternate covers were created. The second alternate cover is a special edition limited to only 500.


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