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Victor Bennett's Apartment
00-Victor BennettApartment
Location Information
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Notable Residents
Victor Bennett

This is the residence of Victor Bennett, the father of the Charmed Ones - Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. This apartment is where he hass lived since coming back into his daughters lives. While trying to save themselves from the demon Zankou, the Charmed Ones have been known to leave Chris and baby Wyatt there with their grandfather Victor.

Like most of the locations in the Halliwell's lives, Victor's apartment has seen it's share of evil just like everywhere else. Haas and his demon henchmen took on Piper (disguised as Wyatt Halliwell) and Phoebe (diguised as Victor) in fall of 2005 to send a message to the demonic world, Dumain was there tricking Wyatt into helping Billie and Christy Jenkins to get the Hollow in spring 2006.