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A form of Water Manipulation and Elemental Conjuring, Water Blasts are bursts of water that can be launched from a magical being's hands at a target[1]. The sphere of water can either knock down a victim or create a column of water around them that act as a barrier surrounding the target in water, leaving them unable to escape.

The Sea Hag[]

A demonic woman proficient in magical arts, the Sea Hag possessed the power to create bursts of water that she used against both Paige Matthews and Leo Wyatt when Paige, Piper and Phoebe sought to protect a Mermaid from the evil being.


Leo struck by the water blast

First to capture the Mermaid, Mylie, the Sea Hag tracked her to Halliwell Manor where she threw a burst of water at Paige trapping her in the column of water, when she dematerialized, the column of water dissipated. She later demonstrated the ability when Leo and the sisters tracked her to her underwater cavern where she engulfed Leo in water. Upon her destruction, the column of water surrrounding Leo vanished.


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