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The Sea Hag as she conjures a rainstorm

Bestowing the user with the ability to conjure bursts of water, transform into the liquid and control any source of water they wish to, Water Manipulation is a rather uncommon ability in the magical world often possessed by the forces of evil.

The Water Demon[]

Not necessarily possessing the ability to manipulate all sources of water, the Water Demon resides in bodies of water and is comprised entirely of water. It often preys on those who come into the source of water it resides and drowns them by engulfing their body in water. This demon is responsible for killing Patricia Halliwell, the mother of the Charmed Ones.

The Sea Hag[]

A very interesting evil specimen, the Sea Hag was the one true possessor of Water Manipulation, being able to create rainstorms, hurricanes, tidal waves with a quick spell as well as launch bursts of water at her victims that engulf the target in a column of water that would act as a barrier around her target, preventing them from attacking her and she could materialize and dematerialize using Water Teleportation.

The Lady of the Lake[]

From the mythical land of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake was responsible for guarding the Sword of Excalibur and passing it to the next one to wield the Sword.

The Lady used the power to materialize in an outline of water in a sink to Piper Halliwell to ask her for her help protecting the Sword. When Piper and her sisters found the Lady, she emerged from a lake, attempting to pass the Sword to the sisters but she was killed by a demon known as the Dark Knight.