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A form of Teleportation, Water Teleportation allows the user to materialize and dematerialize in the form of water. The power causes an outline or column of water to appear before the bestowed materializes and does the same in the wake of dematerialization.

The Water Demon[]

Comprised entirely of water, the Water Demon materializes as an immense body of water, rising from a lake or river to engulf its prey in its watery body, drowning them.

It used the teleportation method to appear to the mother of the Charmed Ones, Patricia Halliwell in 1975, drowning her in it's body. It used the method on last time to materialize and dematerialize to Prue Halliwell and Sam Wilder before they vanquished it.

The Sea Hag[]

Skilled in the magical arts, the Sea Hag displayed the power of Water Manipulation and could materialize and dematerialize using columns of water. She displayed the power when she appeared in a column of water to Phoebe Halliwell and a Mermaid, known as Mylie.

In a parking garage where Mylie appeared to Phoebe seeking help against the Hag, a car drove by splashing Mylie causing her legs to transform in a tail. The Sea Hag sensed Mylie and materialized in a column of water but Phoebe put Mylie in her car and she drove through the demon as she dematerialized in a column of water, causing the water to fall on Phoebe's car.

The Lady of the Lake[]


From the mythical land of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake was responsible for guarding the Sword of Excalibur and passing it to the next one to wield the Sword.

The Lady used the power to materialize in an outline of water in a sink to Piper Halliwell to ask her for her help protecting the Sword. When Piper and her sisters found the Lady, she emerged from a lake, attempting to pass the Sword to the sisters but she was killed by a demon known as the Dark Knight.