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Wuvey the Bear
Wuvey 01
General Information
Owner Wyatt Halliwell
Color Brown
Presented by Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt - presumably
Vicus was able to curse Wyatt by retrieving the bear

Wuvey is a brown teddy bear that belongs to Wyatt Halliwell, the son of Charmed One Piper Halliwell and her former Whitelighter and husband Leo Wyatt. The bear is very special to Wyatt and he would rarely let anyone take it away from him.

Vicus, a demon that could make himself invincible to everyone but his victims,

Vicus Curse Wuvey

Vicus curses Wuvey

once spent three weeks trying to gain the trust of Wyatt so that the child would hand Wuvey to him willingly.[1] Vicus intended to use the bear as a method of rendering Wyatt evil when he grew up. The bear would act as a mechanism to implant a seed of distrust and hatred in Wyatt that would ultimately cause him to become evil and join Vicus


Little Wyatt, Evil Future Wyatt and Wuvey

in the future to annihilate forces of good. When Piper and Leo discovered that Vicus placed a curse on Wuvey as a catalyst to render their son evil, they tried casting spells from the Book of Shadows to undo it but nothing worked.

Wuvey LeoBreaksCurse

Leo lifts the curse

Leo then realized that a spell couldn't break the curse, what Wyatt was really affected by was a lack of trust for his parents.

After the discovery, Leo confronted the child and regained his trust; Wyatt handed the bear to Leo, breaking the curse.

Wuvey was next seen on Wyatt's third birthday when Phoebe Halliwell cast a spell on the bear to help understand Wyatt's feelings.[2] The spell caused the bear to glow bright red and then he started to talk saying "I feel so sad, like I want to cry all the time". Phoebe asked Wuvey why and he looked to Wyatt and said "Should you tell her or should I?" Wuvey then looked at Wyatt and three of his toys came to life.

Phoebe's Spell[]

Wuvey Phoebe Spell

Phoebe places her hands on Wuvey as she casts the spell

Little boy's bear,
show me how you care.
Tell me how you'd feel,
if you were real.


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